Husband Catches Mailman Hiding In Bushes, Filming His Wife’s Topless Workout

United Kingdom postal service
Lefteris Pitarakis / AP Images

A man was returning to his home in a suburb of Southbourne, Bournemouth, England, when he caught a Royal Mail postman filming his wife, who was exercising topless in their backyard. The 49-year-old had been delivering mail in the area for four years. Nicholas Apps, who had been described as delightful and charming by the neighborhood’s residents, entered the home through the backyard during his round and saw the woman exercising on a rowing machine partially naked, the Daily Echo reported.

He immediately took his phone out and recorded for about a minute until he was caught by the woman’s husband. The couple called the police and the man was later arrested.

Apps told officers he entered the couple’s home because he had delivered the wrong item and no one answered the door. However, police later discovered that the mailman had previously looked up the woman on social media and searched for her on Google.

Apps pleaded guilty to a charge of voyeurism at Poole Magistrates’ Court in July, but the man avoided jail as the judge let him off with a suspended sentence. Apps, who had no previous convictions, was ordered to sign the Sex Offenders Register for seven years and pay an amount of £200 to the victim. The incident took place in November.

“[H]e was unsure if he was aroused at the time but accepted it may well have provided some form of sexual gratification”

Apps, who had been delivering mail for Royal Mail for 15 years and was well-liked by residents, has been fired from the job, according to the local publication.

“The lady was exercising on her rowing machine at home in the rear of her property,” prosecutor Richard Oakley said, according to Metro. “She had no clothing on apart from her underpants. He approached the address to deliver mail, as a postman, went round to the rear and began filming her as she was rowing.”

The motive behind Apps’ actions remains unclear as he gave contradictory statements, but Oakley suggested the man enjoys filming women he finds attractive.

“He told police he was unsure if he was aroused at the time but accepted it may well have provided some form of sexual gratification later on. He said he likes to film women he considers to be sexy,” Oakley added.

Apps admitted to authorities he saw the woman was wearing only underwear through the window and decided to sneak into the property in hopes of catching her out in the backyard.

In a statement read in court on her behalf, the victim said she was left “shaken” by the invasion of her privacy.