‘Sleeping Dogs: Year Of The Snake’ DLC Teased In Leaked Trailer [Video]

A leaked trailer for what appears to be a Sleeping Dogs DLC package entitled Year of the Snake has found its way online.

The clip is only 24 seconds long, though it gives fans of the sandbox title a good look at some of the things unfolding in the unannounced Year of the Snaked add-on. According to Computer and Video Games, Square Enix has yet to officially confirm the DLC’s existence.

In addition to the embedded trailer, a handful of PS3 Trophies were uncovered. These awards reportedly include Bomb Squad, Cult Master, and Hong Kong’s Finest. A full list of Year of the Snake trophies can be found at Exophase. Since these rewards often contain spoilers, those who haven’t completed the game should proceed with caution.

Eurogamer explains that it’s likely the DLC could be available to Sleeping Dogs fans ahead of the Chinese New Year. The celebration takes place on February 10.

Until representatives from Square Enix choose to officially announce the DLC, it’s always best to take these leaked trailers with a grain of salt. However, this particular clip seems to be legit.

After being cancelled by the folks at Activision, the game that would become Sleeping Dogs eventually made its way into the hands of Square Enix. Despite its troubled history, the game has become a modest success for the publisher.

Although the open world adventure didn’t break any sales records, it was among the best-selling games in the UK last year. Sleeping Dogs outsold such high-profile titles as Resident Evil 6 and Dishonored.

Year of the Snake would mark the third DLC that expands a bit on the Sleeping Dogs storyline. Nightmare in North Point was released around Halloween, while the Zodiac Tournament DLC dropped last month.

The leaked trailer has been embedded below.

Square Enix has yet to comment on the DLC as of this writing. Are you looking forward to the next Sleeping Dogs expansion pack?