MMA Rumors: Daniel Cormier Only Sees Stipe Miocic As Backup Plan If Fight With Brock Lesnar Doesn’t Happen

At UFC 226, Daniel Cormier succeeded to become a two-division UFC champion after beating the “baddest man on the planet,” Stipe Miocic. Cormier only needed one round to knock out Miocic and claim the UFC heavyweight title. After acquiring his second belt, “DC” immediately called out former UFC heavyweight champion and WWE superstar Brock Lesnar.

As of now, it is more likely that Daniel Cormier will be making his first title defense against Brock Lesnar than giving Stipe Miocic a chance to reclaim the heavyweight title. However, Lesnar’s return in the UFC will depend on the result of his drug test, as he is currently in USADA testing pool. If Lesnar can’t be cleared to fight again, Cormier expressed his willingness to give Miocic an immediate rematch.

“(Miocic) should (get an immediate rematch), but three’s a lot different than 11,” Cormier said, via MMAjunkie. “And also, if Brock Lesnar was staring at Stipe, that would happen. But I’ll tell you this right now on record: Brock Lesnar doesn’t make it to the fight for any reason, I’ll fight Stipe again. That is not a problem. There is no reason I wouldn’t fight Stipe. I’m only fighting Brock because I’m fighting Brock. But if he doesn’t make it, I’ll fight Stipe again.”

Since losing his belt, Stipe Miocic has been continuously campaigning for a rematch against Daniel Cormier. After UFC 226, Miocic expected to be interviewed where he planned to ask Cormier for another fight. However, Brock Lesnar came inside the Octagon and got into a heated exchange with Cormier.

Miocic said that Lesnar’s appearance was disrespectful and criticized the UFC for tolerating his action. UFC President Dana White looked supportive in the upcoming fight between Cormier and Lesnar. However, Miocic strongly believes that he is more deserving to receive a title shot over a fighter who hasn’t fought in the Octagon in over two years, and whose last fight was turned into a no-contest because of Lesnar’s testing positive for performance-enhancing drugs.

As of now, Stipe Miocic must have felt insulted with Daniel Cormier only seeing him as a backup plan if his fight with Brock Lesnar won’t happen. After winning the heavyweight title, Cormier is still decided to stick with his plan to permanently end his MMA career after two more fights. “DC” already made it clear that his reasons for fighting Lesnar aren’t purely about competition. Cormier must be seeking a huge payday before officially leaving the world of fighting sports.

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