Robert Rodriguez Discusses ‘Machete Kills,’ Han Solo ‘Star Wars’ Project

Acclaimed filmmaker Robert Rodriguez is currently busy putting the finishing touches on his upcoming action sequel Machete Kills. However, he recently took a moment to discuss a few topics that are near and dear to his heart.

The Sin City: A Damn to Kill For co-director is currently preparing a sequel to his 2010 cult hit Machete starring Danny Trejo. According to MTV News, Rodriguez recently addressed rumors regarding Lindsay Lohan’s involvement with the follow-up.

While the troubled actress play a small role in the original Machete, the director revealed that Lohan wouldn’t be returning for Machete Kills.

Rodriguez explained:

“No, she’s not in it. We thought to bring her back because we like that character, but it didn’t fit into the story.”

The filmmaker insisted it wasn’t Lohan’s reputation as a troublemaker that led to the decision. Rodriguez stated that cutting her character from the sequel was done to tighten the story.

Cinema Blend reports that Rodriguez is also interested in putting together his very own Star Wars movie centered around Han Solo. While making such a film is something the director would love to explore, Rodriguez said he doubted it would ever come to fruition.

He said:

“It depends on what it was. George really inspired me to do what I’m doing now, which is the same thing he did. He originally wanted and couldn’t get the rights to Flash Gordon. He tried, couldn’t get it, so he went and wrote ‘Star Wars,’ which was his complete take on Flash Gordon, even to the opening titles crawl that went that way. I think if I asked [Lucas] for advice, he would say ‘Go make your own “Star Wars” universe, kid.’ “

Although the Han Solo flick will probably never happen, Machete Kills is right around the corner. The action-packed sequel is slated to arrive in theaters on September 13.