Get Scared Witless This Halloween With Warner Bros. ‘Horror Made Here: A Festival Of Frights’

Horror Made Here poster featuring villains from iconic horror movies.
Warner Bros.

This is Warner Bros. second year hosting the Halloween event Horror Made Here: A Festival Of Frights, but this year, the company is expanding the terrifying festivities. Warner Bros. will include themes from a variety of their horror movies for the Halloween party, including IT, The Conjuring universe, The Exorcist, Freddy vs. Jason, and more, as documented.

The official Warner Bros. website for Horror Made Here: A Festival Of Frights describes the Halloween event.

“This Halloween season, Warner Bros. Studio Tour Hollywood dares you to enter our iconic backlot for an incredible Halloween party where evil clowns, demon nuns, super villains, possessed dolls and the devil himself will come to life. Be prepared to face your deepest fears and see what nightmares await you from the twisted minds that brought you IT, The Conjuring, Freddy vs. Jason, The Exorcist, and from WB Games, Batman: Arkham Asylum.”

Below are the variety of events that horror fans can look forward to partaking in, as well as ticket information, as documented on the Warner Bros. website.

Can You Smell The Circus, Georgie?

This creepy carnival will include a variety of entertainment options, such as a live DJ, the Lost Boys retro arcade, food and drinks, and a special effects makeup demonstration.

Behind The Screams

Horror buffs will enter the world of Tim Burton, where they can see authentic props and costumes from his popular movies, including Sweeney Todd, The Corpse Bride, and Mars Attacks! In addition, for the first time ever, original props from Beetlejuice will be on display at the Halloween event.

The Exorcist Forbidden Screening

Watch a screening of one of the most iconic horror movies of all time like you have never seen it before, in a church. The horrors of The Exorcist will be brought to life as you watch the film from a pew.

Poster of one of the most popular horror movies, The Exorcist.
  Warner Bros.

1, 2, 3…Are You Ready For Me?

A tour on the Warner Bros. lot is part of the Halloween party, and you can see filming locations from popular horror movies, including Whatever Happened to Baby Jane and House of Wax. In addition, the tour will include a stop at Camp Crystal Lake. Though they haven’t advertised him as being part of this feature, it’s likely that Jason Voorhees will pop up. After all, he resides in Camp Crystal Lake, and he absolutely hates visitors.

Dark Mazes 2018

A Halloween party on a Hollywood lot wouldn’t be complete without a maze, and thankfully, Horror Made Here features three. Horror fans will be terrorized by Pennywise in the Neibolt House maze. If you’re a fan of DC super-villains, the Arkham Asylum labyrinth will feature several of them, including The Joker. If creepy dolls and nuns are more your style, you can investigate paranormal cases while trying to escape evil spirits and Annabelle in The Conjuring maze.

Poster of one of the most popular horror movies, The Conjuring.
  Warner Bros.

Tickets are on sale now for the Halloween event, and they vary in prices depending on the date and time you choose to attend, but you can scoop one up for $59. For $169, you can join the Losers’ Club VIP for Horror Made Here: A Festival Of Frights, which includes front-of-line access, free priority parking, an IT photo opportunity, and two complimentary beverages.