‘Big Brother 20’ Week 6 Spoilers: Major Backdoor Plan In Motion

Who will fall victim to Angela's HOH backdoor plan?

Julie Chen hosts Big Brother Season 20
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Who will fall victim to Angela's HOH backdoor plan?

Warning: This article contains spoilers for Season 20 of Big Brother.

Week 6 of Big Brother has yet to play out on television, but those watching the live feeds know this has been the most tumultuous week by far in the house. Last Thursday, viewers watched as Rachel Swindler was blindsided by her own alliance and was the fifth houseguest eliminated of the season. Her new rival, Angela Rummans, became the new Head of Household and since Thursday the entire house has been turned upside down.

As the Inquisitr previously reported, Angela placed Angie “Rockstar” Lantry on the block alongside Scottie Salton. Those nominations didn’t hold after the seasons first Hacker Competition took place. Haleigh Broucher became the first hacker of the season, and with this power, she removed Scottie from the block anonymously and replaced him with Tyler Crispen. No one knows who the hacker is, as houseguests were informed privately if they won the competition or not and Haleigh has kept it to herself.

After Tyler was put up next to Rockstar on the block, the entire house began speculating on who the hacker was. Many pointed their fingers at Bayleigh Dayton which has caused her to become target number one this week. Angela ended up winning the Power of Veto competition and has vowed to her “Level 6” alliance that she will remove Tyler from the block. The fitness model has gone back and forth between putting Scottie back up on the block, or backdooring Bayleigh.

Angela Rummans
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According to the live feeds, Angela and Scottie have since formed a friendship and Scottie is slowly shifting from the “FOUTTE/The Hive” alliance over to “Level 6.” Certain behaviors of Bayleigh’s have only furthered Angela’s motives to get her out of the house, mostly based on her recent bullying of Scottie.

Big Brother live feeds Twitter account BB_Updates documented Angela’s plan in a recent tweet over his dislike for Bayleigh.

“I’m sick and tired of everyone pinning everything on Scottie. The fact that you [Bayleigh] had him put his hand on a bible and swear to God is dirty, is wrong and is bullying. I will not stand for bullying,” Angela admitted to Tyler.

Bayleigh Dayton Big Brother 20
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Scottie had recently told Angela about Bayleigh forcing him to swear on the bible over gameplay and motives, a move Angela felt was too far even for Big Brother. Scottie, despite not being a religious person, was also offended by Bayleigh’s insistence of him swearing on the bible.

The Veto Ceremony will take place on Monday, which will reveal if Angela decides to go through with the plan to backdoor Bayleigh. If the plan goes through, it would solidify Week 6 as the time when everything changed in the BB20 house.

Big Brother airs tonight at 8 p.m. EST on CBS.