August 5, 2018
A Recent Survey Shows Which State Has The Most Fast Food Restaurants

Fast food is loved by many and hated by others. It's typically referred to as cheap and convenient. In fact, close to a quarter of adults in America eat fast food on a daily basis, says a study from Datafiniti, which also found that one state above all has more fast food restaurants than any other. Other noteworthy cities and states with high concentrations of fast food chains and various fast food venues per capita were also included in the data release, showing that one specific region in the United States is specifically more populated by fast food, reports Southern Living.

According to the research, Alabama comes in at number one for the state with the most fast food restaurants, out numbering all other states with 6.3 fast food restaurants per 10,000 state residents. Nebraska and West Virginia came close to those figures. Nebraska has 5.4 per the 10,000 residents and Virginia has 5.3.

Datafiniti also discovered that southern and central states dominate heavier numbers of fast food restaurants per capita, the south standing in first place. Those states with the fewest fast food venues per capita are in the Northeast, such as New Jersey, New York, and Vermont, which are the top three lowest on the list of fast food restaurants.

When narrowed down to which specific cities have the most fast food, the spread becomes far wider and even across America. Orlando takes first place, Cincinnati comes in second, and Las Vegas rests in the number three spot. As for which particular cities have the least fast food, numbers show that those are mainly concentrated in California. New York also has very low fast food figures per capita, yet California takes not just the top three cities with the fewest fast food stops, but the top four lowest fast food per capita cities instead.

This research also found that McDonald's, which just so happens to be in second place for the largest fast food chain, resides in every single major city in America.

Which establishment comes in at number one on the largest fast food restaurants in America list? Subway takes first, having 18.5 percent of the fast food restaurant listings. McDonald's has 11.3 percent for second, Burger King has 5.7 percent, Taco Bell takes up 5.3 percent, and last in the top five may surprise some. Pizza Hut is number five, according to Datafiniti, which states Pizza Hut takes up exactly 5 percent of all large fast food restaurants in the United States.