NBA Rumors: Lakers Could Still Trade Lonzo Ball To Portland For Damian Lillard, ‘Fadeaway World’ Predicts

Sean M. HaffeyGetty Images

As he prepares to enter his second year in the NBA, Los Angeles Lakers point guard Lonzo Ball is widely seen as a future superstar, albeit one whose inconsistent shooting as a rookie caused some concern among basketball fans. While many fans might assume that a player with his potential is untouchable, recent rumors suggested that the Lakers were planning to trade Ball to the Portland Trail Blazers for their own point guard, Damian Lillard. There have been no further indications in recent weeks that such a trade has a good chance of pushing forward, but recent predictions might suggest otherwise.

Although Fadeaway World stressed that its list of possible midseason trades for the 2018-19 NBA season is largely based on guesswork, the number one potential trade listed was a deal that would have Lonzo Ball and Damian Lillard swapping teams sometime in the coming months. According to Fadeaway World, the likely catalysts for such a trade taking place would include the allegations that Ball’s camp tried to “scare away” potential trade partners by spreading rumors of a knee injury, and the continued tendency of Lonzo’s father, Big Baller Brand CEO LaVar Ball, to make controversial comments about his son.

“[Those kinds] of low moves and LaVar Ball’s constant talking, along with the fact that Lonzo may not fit next to LeBron James, could actually force [Lakers president of basketball operations] Magic Johnson’s hand to deal him away and try to get Lillard, a California native that was closely tied with a trade to the Lakers early in the month.”

Despite averaging a solid 10.2 points, 6.9 rebounds, and 7.2 assists per game as a Lakers rookie, trade rumors have often surrounded Lonzo Ball. Last month, Fox Sports 1’s Colin Cowherd mentioned Damian Lillard as someone the Lakers could acquire in exchange for the 20-year-old point guard, although as 247Sports noted, such a trade would potentially require Los Angeles to surrender another one of their young stars, forward Brandon Ingram.

While Cowherd was one of those who believed the Lakers could do away with Lonzo Ball and benefit from Lillard’s experience and superstar status, the 28-year-old All-Star guard previously debunked rumors that he is unhappy with the Blazers and planning to leave for the Lakers or any other NBA team. Speaking to the Oregonian last month, Lillard said that he’s “not unhappy,” and that he loves playing for the Blazers and living in Portland, despite his disappointment in how the team allowed reserve power forward Ed Davis to leave via free agency.