'Mad Max: The Wasteland' Cast, Release Date Unknown, Though Tom Hardy And Charlize Theron Set To Return

Mad Max: The Wasteland's cast is mostly unknown, though the release date is set to bring back Tom Hardy (Max Rockatansky) and Charlize Theron (Furiosa) from Fury Road. Yes, the franchise will continue, despite the last film not being as big a box office success as many fans and critics claim it to be.

Some have debated whether Fury Road was really as good as people claim, with the Nostalgia Critic's Doug Walker pointing out how it received a higher score on Rotten Tomatoes than some of history's beloved classics. He even talked about how Tom Hardy's title character was barely in the movie, performance-wise, taking as much of a back seat to the story as Mel Gibson did in the very first film of the franchise.

For those of you who never bothered to watch the first movie in the Mad Max series, it mostly shows that Max Rockatansky once had a good life. He was a family man before crossing paths with gangs who took everything from him and set up the title character at the very end.

While the Mad Max: The Wasteland release date is still unknown, IMDb has allegedly confirmed that the two protagonists will be back. Nobody else has been listed, but perhaps it will return to the more story-driven style of Beyond Thunderdome? Since Road Warrior, Max has always been a wanderer who put his own survival above the needs of those he encounters, until forced by necessity to help them.

Fury Road broke that trend by putting a new character in the literal driver's seat while Max did little more than watch it all happen. Fans who were disappointed with this change in the character may possibly see a more equal interaction between Max and Furiosa when Mad Max: The Wasteland's release date hits.

According to IGN, director and writer George Miller has already confirmed at least two more films following the new "fury road" paved by the last film. This means Mad Max could possibly continue much like the Fast and Furious series until interest dies.

Even though Fast and Furious is continuing, it will have to do so without Paul Walker, whose death in a fatal car crash has inspired his daughter to sue Porsche. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the actor was burned alive in the car and Walker's daughter, Meadow, is looking for compensation.

There are plenty of car crashes and other mayhem in previous Mad Max films, though entirely fictional. We might see even more of them when the Mad Max: The Wasteland release date hits.

If the game recently released by Warner Bros. on the PS4 and Xbox One is anything to go by, Max might find himself with a temporary companion mechanic to tie the game in with the upcoming film. This might be helpful to the eternal loner, because Max hasn't replaced his Interceptor yet, an iconic part of the lore. On the Mad Max: The Wasteland release date, he might end up building the Magnum Opus with the help of an overly religious mechanic by the name of Chum Bucket.

It might be nice for owners of the game to see their persistent wandering through the virtual wasteland pay off with a strong reference in the next film.

The idea that Furiosa might be back in the Mad Max: The Wasteland cast could indicate Max is going to end up with a team despite his preferences. It might be interesting seeing him start to take charge and clash with Furiosa as they figure out how to work together, while dealing with Chum Bucket's constant worry about the well-being of the car.

Do you think George Miller will have another hit when Mad Max: The Wasteland's release date hits theaters?

[Featured image via Warner Bros. / Popoptiq]