CEO Of FX Hopes Fans ‘Haven’t Seen The Last’ Of Louis C.K.

Before allegations of sexual misconduct, ‘Louie’ was a popular FX series, but has since been cancelled.

Could Louis C.K. ever make a comeback
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Before allegations of sexual misconduct, ‘Louie’ was a popular FX series, but has since been cancelled.

On Friday, August 3, FX CEO John Landgraf was interviewed by Variety about the prospect of a number of properties in FX’s past, present, and future.

Aside from discussing the upcoming season of Fargo, which will star Chris Rock, American Horror Story: Apocalypse, which premieres this October, and the prospect of Donald Glover reviving Deadpool, Landgraf spoke candidly about comedian and former FX show-creator, Louis C.K., stating that he would very much like to see C.K. return, but isn’t sure if that’s a possibility or not.

Louis C.K. wrote, directed, and edited the FX series Louie, and was primed to release a movie titled I Love You Daddy, before both were cancelled in the wake of numerous allegations as reported by the New York Times, claiming the comedian had committed numerous acts of sexual misconduct. Louis C.K. confirmed that the reports were true and offered an apology before essentially disappearing from the public spotlight entirely.

The Paris Theatre with a marquee advertising the Louis C.K. movie “I Love You, Daddy” on November 9, 2017 in New York City. The premiere for the movie was canceled after Louis C.K. was accused of sexual misconduct by five women was reported by the New York Times. Dis Dipasupil / Getty Images

Prospects of Louis C.K.’s potential return to show business became a topic of conversation and speculation soon after the reports were confirmed. Since that time, Sarah Silverman and others have come out in support of Louis C.K., stating that they did not approve of his actions, but also still care for and forgive the comedian.

In John Landgraf’s interview with Variety, the CEO of FX elaborated on his fondness for Louis C.K. and explained the difference between cases like C.K.’s and the recent controversy involving AMC’s host of the Talking Dead series, Chris Hardwick.

“I hope from just a fan basis that we haven’t seen the last of Louie. I think there’s a difference, which is Chris Hardwick was accused of bad behavior by one person. There was an investigation, and I think there’s some dispute about what did or did not happen. With Louie, he said that the reporting in the New York Times was accurate.

“So it’s not really in my control, is what I would say. Some of it is about what Louie decides to do, and some of it is about where we go as a society and when, if ever, we’ll be ready to have second chances or forgiveness — and who gets to be forgiven. Not my decision.”

Louis C.K. has hosted numerous comedy specials and starred in such films as American Hustle, The Invention Of Lying, and a prior series on HBO titled Lucky Louie, which was cancelled after only one season.

Before the sexual misconduct allegations, Louis C.K. was considered one of the most successful standup comedians in the world.