Political Analyst Claims Trump Wants To Talk To Mueller

J. Scott ApplewhiteAP Images

On numerous occasions since the Russia election meddling probe began, President Donald Trump has stated in interviews and on Twitter that he wants to sit down and talk to special counsel Robert S. Mueller III. There are two schools of thought regarding his repeating that over and over. The first is that he doesn’t want to talk to Mueller, but wants to appear is if he is desperate to be helpful yet can’t because his attorneys won’t allow him to. The second is that Trump really does want to talk to Mueller, and the only reason he isn’t is because his attorneys won’t allow it. CNN editor-at-large and political analyst Chris Cillizza believes the second theory is correct, and he has a few reasons why.

Cillizza believes that Trump really wants to talk to Mueller, and not because of some weird QAnon conspiracy theory as touched on at Inquisitr, but because Trump believes he can put the investigation to bed if the two sit down in a room and talk it out. He points out that Trump prides himself on being the ultimate deal maker, and that he sees the Russia investigation as another opportunity to make a deal and move on, the same as he has done in politics and in business. This fits Trump’s usual modus operandi.

The second reason Cillizza thinks Trump wants a sit down is because he views every situation as “mano a mano tests of will and strength.” He believes that Trump feels a need to constantly prove himself against his “adversaries” to reinforce that he is the alpha, the dominant male, the person that will come out on top of every contest no matter who it is against or what is at stake. Plus, he has an overwhelming need to prove that he is right, and that Mueller and everyone else is wrong.

Another angle is that he believes Trump is fascinated by Mueller, but at the same time despises him, and by some extension of his upbringing and early business career, he needs to knock Mueller down a peg. This line of thinking from Cillizza focuses on Fred Trump, who never managed to get out of building in Queens. His son, Donald Trump, made it into Manhattan, but when he did, the social elites and old guard didn’t want to accept him into their neighborhoods or clubs. He see’s Mueller as Manhattan, the old establishment that he must tear down to prove to himself he is good enough. As Cillizza wrote at CNN, for Trump, it is all about proving he’s the best.

“The idea of a man-to-man showdown/sit-down with Mueller is just more of the same in Trump’s mind. Another member of the elite who thinks he’s smarter and knows better. Another chance for Trump to prove that he is the alpha, the boss, the guy who can sell anything to anyone.”

While Trump’s legal counsel, aside from Rudy Giuliani, have maintained a face-to-face meeting is not going to happen unless they are present and a laundry list of conditions are met, that may mean nothing according to Cillizza. He believes that regardless of the legal advice he is provided, Trump not only wants to talk to Mueller, but may very well do it, if for no other reason than he believes he is shrewd enough and smart enough to make the investigation go away by talking,