Chrissy Teigen Disses Donald Trump Jr. And Kimberly Guilfoyle’s Stiff Photo, Saying They Look Like Robots

Diego CorredorAP Images

Chrissy Teigen is all about getting laughs. This time, she targeted Donald Trump Jr. and his girlfriend Kimberly Guilfoyle. Chrissy captioned a photo of the couple with a funny comment on Twitter.

“hello we are robots beedoo boop smiling is opening your lips and exposing your teeth until you feel a light tension on the outer corners of your mouth beep blurp we are smiling boop beep”

The photo of the two has a soft focus, and the two are smiling but it doesn’t look as genuine as it could, and as Hollywood Life noted, the couple “[doesn’t] really radiate warmth.”

The Cut also noticed that the photo lacked any real warmth, and published an article about it called “Just a Natural, Totally Unfiltered Pic of Two Regular Humans.”

The original photo was posted by Kimberly on her Instagram, and captioned “Making America Great Again!”

This comes just days after Chrissy made fun of Melania’s super clean gardening shoes, saying, “These look exactly like my workout soles, because I work out as much as this chick gardens.” Luckily Melania still has a sense of humor, because an insider said that the comment made the first lady laugh out loud.

But whether Don Jr. will be equally open to a funny comment is still up in the air. He and Kimberly are rumored to be engaged soon, and Don Jr.’s ex-wife Vanessa has been gracious enough to give them her blessing.

Besides Chrissy, there’s another person that’s been even more outspoken about the couple. Kathy Griffin has said, “As my father used to say, ‘Honey, It’s always good when two a**holes find each other. Takes them off the market for decent people.”

Griffin previously was under fire for posing with a realistic and bloody replica of Trump’s head. She’s been vocal about her stance against the Trump family, saying, “Not to mention the family with the grown sons, Eric and Don Jr… They’re all psychos,” according to Breitbart.

After the gruesome head replica was photographed and publicized, Griffin was even questioned by the Secret Service and had to take a step back from her comedy work for a while.

With all that aside, it remains to be seen what is in store for Don Jr. and Kimberly in the near future. Whether they actually get married or not, it looks like Guilfoyle is squarely on the Trump wagon and is ready to blaze the campaign trail with Don Jr.