Amber Rose Shows Off Stretch Mark-Free Baby Bump On Twitter

Amber Rose shares baby bump photo

Amber Rose is expecting her first child with her fiancé, Wiz Khalifa, and happily reports that at nine months, her body is stretch mark-free.

The 29-year-old model shared a photo of herself posing in only a bra and underwear on her Twitter, showing off her nine-month baby bump. “Nine months pregnant and no stretch marks on my body,” she said with the Sunday post “Thank you Jesus!”

Rose became engaged to 25-year-old rapper Khalifa in 2012, and confirmed her pregnancy with his child at the 2012 MTV Music Awards in September. “I’m finally getting a Lil chunky going into my last month of pregnancy . . . Better now then in those first couple months,” she wrote on January 15.

This will be Rose and Khalifa’s first child together, and Rose is excited to become a mom for the first time. She is planning on a natural delivery, writing “Today was the first day of my home birthing classes,” on January 13. “No meds, no hospital, just the privacy of my own home. I’m so excited for this experience!”

During an interview on January 29 with LA’s Power 106, Rose and Khalifa said that they have decided on a “total boss name” for their child, which will be a boy.

“It’s funny because I came up with the name for our boy and immediately he came up with a rapper [nickname] for him,” Rose joked.

The couple will reveal their son’s name to the public after he is born.

Here’s the photo of Amber Rose’s baby bump:

Amber Rose