Britney Spears’ Ex Kevin Federline’s Attorney Slams Singer, Court System ‘Is Not The Coachella Music Festival’

Christopher PolkGetty Images

Britney Spears’ child support battle with ex-husband Kevin Federline just took an ugly turn. The pop superstar, who has refused to fork over anything more than the $20,000 per month she is already paying her ex for support of their two sons, is being hit by K-Fed’s lawyer one more time for treating court like a Coachella festival.

The Blast reports that in court documents filed earlier this week, Federline’s attorney, celebrity divorce lawyer Mark Vincent Kaplan, accused Britney Spears of using her status as a wealthy celebrity to dodge certain procedural systems in family court.

“The California Superior Court is not the Coachella Music Festival, there are no front of the line VIP passes … and the court is interested in doing what’s best for the children, and not for extraordinarily wealthy parents.”

Kaplan didn’t mince words—or caps—when calling out Spears for allegedly refusing to provide requested records to his client.

“NOT A SINGLE DOCUMENT,” he said, before adding that Spears also failed to provide a deposition. Kaplan mused that the rules must be “different in the Rich and Famous edition of the California Family Code.”

Spears’ lawyer, power attorney Laura Wasser, reportedly argued that while the exes share equal custody of sons Sean Preston, 12, and Jaden James, 11, Spears funds most of the boys’ privileged lifestyle, including their private school and extracurricular activities.

The judge ultimately sided with the singer and ordered a continuation in the hearing.

The Coachella comparison comes after The Blast’s previous report that Britney Spears’ dad, Jamie, recently reached out to offer Federline about $10,000 in extra funds per month in hopes of ending his daughter’s legal battle peacefully. Insiders say Federline didn’t bite because he believes he is owed much more than that due to Britney’s impossibly high income as an entertainer.

In May, People reported that Federline is looking to get three times the amount of child support he is currently receiving from the “Toxic” singer. Court documents revealed the 40-year-old father of six claimed he makes less than 1 percent of what Spears does, earning $3,000 a month on his own and receiving $20,000 each month from Spears in child support. In the court documents, Federline revealed that his ex-wife “earns in excess of $34,000,000 per year.”

“We think the reasonable needs for the children while they would be in Kevin’s custody is probably three times what he’s currently receiving,” Mark Vincent Kaplan told People at the time.