Rapper Project Youngin Shot While Flashing $100 Bills On Instagram Live Video

Project YounginInstagram

Project Youngin was live steaming Instagram on Sunday, July 29, when three gunshots were allegedly fired. Sources reached out to the young rapper’s team but his condition is currently unknown, according to XXL Magazine.

Youngin began the video filming himself previewing a new song from his unreleased, new mix tape called “Thug Souljas.”

Soon after, the St. Petersburg, Florida, native is singing along to the song, counting a stack of $100 bill in front of the camera, and sharing with fans about his latest project.

“This song right now though, y’all gon’ get that,” he says in the video. “It’s on the way. It’s comin. Y’all already know, man. ‘Thug Souljas’ on the way, man. That’s how we rockin’, man.”

While the upcoming rapper talks, gunshot sounds are heard. After the apparent shots fired, the rapper drops the phone, and the video ends. There is no confirmation of the alleged shooting by Youngin or his manager, leaving fans and media to question whether the shooting was real and tragic, or a publicity stunt in light of his new project.

Warning: Video not suitable for all viewers.

The rapper, represented by Grip Music Group and KSK, released the track “Family Eats” in November 2017 with Atlanta rapper Rolo. Considered to be the “next best thing to emerge from Florida,” according to The Sun, Youngin received recognition in the same month with his song “Balmains,” after a feature with the hit on Worldstar Hip-Hop.

Before the alleged shooting during Instagram live, Youngin posted a teaser to his Instagram page asking fans when he should drop the new project “Thug Souljas,” letting fans know it is on its way.

Fans and newcomers alike gathered below the photo to post encouraging comments hoping the rapper is well. Many fans are saying they are praying for Youngin while others believe he is dead from the alleged shots. New comers to Youngin’s page believe the video was for publicity, saying a friend of Youngin’s named Juilio recently spoke to him.

“It’s crazy how you fake getting shot to get people to listen to yo music.”

Whether Youngin was hit by the shots or not, shootings in the area are not uncommon. Earlier in the evening, the 25-year-old rapper posted an Instagram story of himself in a recording studio in Broward, according to XXL Magazine, the same county where rapper XXTEntacion was fatally shot earlier in the summer.