Sacha Baron Cohen Tricks Roy Moore Into ‘Pedophile Detector Test’ For Showtime Series

A new episode of the Sacha Baron Cohen Showtime series Who Is America? has Cohen portraying a Mossad agent and “testing” Alabama congressional candidate Roy Moore with a “pedophile detector.” Cohen’s new show has the comedian playing various roles to mock controversial politicians.

Rolling Stone says that Moore, who lost his race for Alabama senator after information surfaced that there were several women who alleged that Moore had behaved in a sexually inappropriate manner when the women were minors sat down for an interview as Sacha Baron Cohen portraying his recurring character, Israeli soldier character, Colonel Erran Morad. Moore sat down to talk to Morad plausibly about Israel and technology.

But Cohen as Morad turns things around on Roy Moore and says that the Israelis have developed special technology that identifies pedophiles on playgrounds.

“If they detect a pedophile the wand alerts the law enforcement and the schools within a 100-mile radius. It’s very, very simple to use. You just switch it on and because neither of us is a sex offender then it makes absolutely nothing.”

Cohen as Morad waves the wand over himself with no response. He then waves it over Moore and it beeps.

“It must be faulty. It’s malfunctioning. Is this your jacket? Did you lend the jacket to somebody else?”

It is then tested on a third man, and the machine doesn’t beep, but once again it goes off on Roy Moore, who responds in angrily.

“I’ve been married for 33 years and never had an accusation of such things. If this is an instrument, I’m certainly not a pedophile, okay? Maybe Israeli technology hasn’t developed properly.”

Cohen, in his role of the Mossad agent, says that the technology is extremely accurate.

“This is 99.8 percent accurate. It is not saying that you are a pedophile.”

Roy Moore then cut off the interview.

“I do not support this kind of stuff.”

The Washington Post says that Roy Moore figured out that he had been punked and spoke out against Cohen and the Showtime show, Who Is America? Moore says he received an all-expense paid trip to Washington to receive an award based on his support of Israel.

“I did not know Sacha Cohen or that a Showtime TV series was being planned to embarrass, humiliate, and mock not only Israel, but also religious conservatives such as Sarah Palin, Joe Walsh, and Dick Cheney.”

Roy Moore has had a long fall from grace since running against Doug Jones for a Senate seat in Alabama. Moore had the support of Donald Trump but ended up losing mostly because of allegations of sexual misconduct with young girls over the years.

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