July 30, 2018
Watch Zimbabwe Election Coverage Livestream: Where To Watch Vote Totals And News Online And On Mobile Devices

Those who want to watch a livestream of the Zimbabwe 2018 election will have a few options to follow all the vote totals, even if they're watching from a cell phone or mobile device.

On Monday, voters in Zimbabwe go to the polls for the first general election since Robert Mugabe was ousted. As the BBC noted, turnout is expected to be very high and the contest between incumbent leader Emmerson Mnangagwa and main rival Nelson Chamisa is expected to be close. If neither can top 50 percent in the crowded field, there will be a runoff election held in September.

Despite some concerns about the credibility of the election and the potential for unrest at the polls, the Zimbabwe government is confident that the election will go smoothly.

"Hundreds of international observers have been deployed to ensure the vote goes smoothly, but the opposition has repeatedly alleged irregularities in the voter roll," the BBC report noted. "They have also expressed concern over the security of ballot papers and voter intimidation in mainly rural areas. However, the Zimbabwe Election Commission (Zec) insists that it has acted within the law, and will deliver a credible poll."

Despite the assurances, there have been reports of voter suppression, especially in the nation's urban areas. Chamisa expressed concern at what he thought was a "deliberate attempt to suppress and frustrate the urban vote." Keeping down the voting totals in these areas was expected to benefit President Emmerson Mnangagwa.

News 24 also reported long lines at polling places near the capital of Harare. Voting is scheduled to conclude at 17:00 local time, but those still in line at that time would be allowed to vote.

The election also had some strong influences from ousted leader Robert Mugabe, who spoke out against the ruling party that helped take him out of power.

There will be several options for those looking to watch a livestream of the Zimbabwe 2018 election coverage, which is available both for those on computers and watching on cell phones and mobile devices. A number of international news outlets are covering the voting, including Africa News, which focuses on the major news from sub-Saharan Africa.

Plus TV Africa also has live coverage of the Zimbabwe 2018 presidential election.

Others looking for livestreaming coverage of the Zimbabwe 2018 presidential election can check out other world news outlets including Al Jazeera, Bloomberg World News, and Sky News, though election coverage through these outlets is more sporadic.