‘Love And Hip Hop’ Star Rich Dollaz Looks Ripped After Diabetes Diagnosis

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Music producer Rich Dollaz (real name: Richard Trowers) looks ripped in recent workout photos he shared on Instagram and Twitter.

Dollaz, who has appeared on the hit VH1 reality TV show Love and Hip Hop New York, was diagnosed with type 2 diabetes in October 2016.

At the time, Rich’s fans were stunned by the news because the music executive is only 41-years-old, does not have a weight problem, and is athletic.

“[In October 2016] I started realizing I had symptoms,” Trowers revealed on the Season 8 premiere of Love and Hip Hop New York, as reported by Madame Noire. “I was really, really thirsty all of the time. I was tired. That’s when they told me, ‘You have type 2 diabetes.'”

Family History

Rich Dollaz said he has a family history of diabetes, so the diagnosis scared him straight.

“My grandmother died from it. My uncle died from it,” Trowers said. “I know people that have lost limbs. That’s scary, especially for someone that’s just 41-years-old. I’m not an old dude.”

Dollaz recently posted several photos of himself working out at the gym on social media. The tall, strapping producer looked buff and healthy in the selfies, thanks to weightlifting workouts.

While exercise helps Rich Dollaz stay in shape, it’s also important for managing diabetes and controlling blood-sugar levels.

Squad goals.

The statistics for diabetes among African-Americans are alarming. The average African-American today has a 50 percent chance of developing type 2 diabetes in his or her lifetime, according to WebMD.

50 Percent Of African-Americans Will Get Diabetes

More than 11 percent of African-Americans over the age of 20 have diabetes, but at least one-third of them don’t know it. Here are some simple steps to prevent or manage diabetes:

  • Reduce sugar and carb intake.
  • Try to maintain a healthy weight.
  • Exercise.
  • Drink plenty of water.
  • Reduce stress.

Rich Dollaz has not discussed what changes he has made to his diet, but diabetics typically follow low-carb, low-sugar diets.

Oscar winner Halle Berry was diagnosed with type 1 diabetes when she was 19-years-old. Halle manages her diabetes with the low-carb ketogenic diet, as the Inquisitr previously reported.

The ketogenic diet is a low-carb, high-fat, moderate-protein eating plan that restricts carbohydrates and emphasizes unprocessed saturated fats such as butter and olive oil, as well as high-quality proteins like salmon, eggs, pasture-raised beef, and chicken.

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In addition to managing diabetes by preventing blood-sugar spikes, the ketogenic diet has been touted for promoting rapid weight loss and has been used clinically to curb epileptic seizures in children.

Halle Berry also works out regularly, alternating between cardio exercise, weight-training, yoga, and calisthenics.

This #FitnessFriday is dedicated to the importance of stretching! After I work out, it’s important for me to stretch and lengthen. Fitness is not just about running, lifting and punching. For me, being athletic and super fit is also about being still, stretching and breathing. Including stretching in my fitness program helps my muscles stay long, limber, improves my mobility and range of motion and, most importantly, helps me avoid injuries. This is one of my favorite #yoga poses, the shoulder stand, that stretches my lower spine and legs. I feel 2 inches taller after this stretch! Some people use yoga poses to manage stress, increase circulation, for medication, recovery, better sleep, and mobility just to name a few. Check out my Fitness IG Story to see a stretch I like for hip mobility that lengthens my sides and for today's #keto meal. Today I challenge you to share your best yoga pose. If you don't have one, I encourage you to search for one, post about it, tag #FitnessFridayHB and tell me how it makes you feel. ❤️????????

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“My [keto] diet is geared towards managing my diabetes,” Berry said. “The idea of it is you train your body to burn healthy fats, so I eat healthy fats all day long, like avocado, oil, coconut oil, butter, but don’t have sugar. When your body gets trained to burn fats, you’re constantly on fat-burning mode. That’s the secret.”

Like many people, Berry says she sometimes hate to work out but does it because it keeps her diabetes in control.

“If I stick to exercising every day and put the right things in my mouth, my diabetes stays in check,” Halle said.