NBA Rumors: Miami Heat Reveal Offseason Plan For Hassan Whiteside And Dwyane Wade

Mitchell LeffGetty Images

In the past months, rumors and speculations continue to swirl around Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside who is expected to be traded this offseason. After receiving a limited playing time in the 2017-18 NBA season, Whiteside expressed his frustration, hinting at the possibility that he already wants his way out of the Heat. However, with the remaining two years and $52.4 million on his contract, the Heat are having a hard time finding a trade partner for the disgruntled superstar.

Most people believe that the only way the Heat could get rid of Hassan Whiteside is to attach a future draft pick or a young player. As of now, it is more likely that the Heat will be entering the 2017-18 NBA season with Whiteside on their roster. In a recent interview, Heat President Pat Riley addressed various rumors surrounding his team, including the future of Whiteside in Miami, per ESPN.

Riley made it clear that they have not made Whiteside available in any trade discussion this offseason. Riley’s statements proved that Whiteside is still a part of their long-term plan, but he also said that the 29-year-old center “has a lot of work to do.” Whiteside has plenty of time this summer to bring back his former game to further convince Heat Head Coach Erik Spoelstra to give him more playing time than other centers like Bam Abedayo and Kelly Olynyk.

Meanwhile, Pat Riley also discussed their offseason plan for Dwyane Wade, who is yet to make a decision regarding his NBA future. Riley said that they still want Wade back for another season. Despite his age, Riley still views Wade as a player who can make a huge contribution for the team next season.

“I want him back as a player,” Riley said. “I want him back as a competitor. I want him back as a guy who wants to have the greatest year he ever had as a player. I read more articles about ‘Dwyane being done, he’s lost a step, he’s not the same player, he might not have the same motivation.’ But I still see a player who can contribute heavily if he really wants to.”

However, it remains unknown what type of contract they plan to give on the veteran shooting guard. According to ESPN, there are only two realistic contract options that the Heat could offer to Wade. It is either the $5.3 million exception or the $2.4 million veteran minimum.