Psy Super Bowl Ad: Pistachios To Be Sold Gangnam Style


What product do you think Psy will sell during his Super Bowl ad? MC Hammer pants? Dark sunglasses? A book about how to stretch 15 minutes of fame into global stardom? Nope, Psy will be selling pistachios during the Super Bowl this year.

Unlike Mercedes and Coca-Cola, who gave previews of their Super Bowl ads featuring Kate Upton and a bunch of cowboys earlier this week, Paramount Farms will make Psy fans wait until Super Bowl Sunday to see the new ad.

Marc Seguin, V.P. of marketing for Paramount Farms, gave ABC News a brief description of the new ad, saying:

“They will see Psy as they know him, with his personality and great moves. They will see the same ‘Gangnam Style’ action that has swept the nation. They will see him opening pistachios the way only he could.”

Paramount has released several ads in its “Get Crackin’ ” series featuring celebrities like Snoop Dogg, Homer Simpson and boxer Manny Pacquiao.

Seguin said that the company almost used Manny for a new Super Bowl commercial but later decided to do something new with Psy.

Seguin said:

“Manny’s been great for us … He’s a great celebrity. But the truth is, Psy is the hottest personality on the planet right now. His irreverence sits nicely with our ads. And he’s got so much social media presence — he’s gold in the social media space.”

Are you excited for Psy’s Super Bowl ad? Are you ready to crack pistachios Gangnam style?