Katie Price Pictures Behind Wheel During Driving Ban Surface After Turning Herself In To Police

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TV personality Katie Price made the decision to report herself to the police and clear the air with her followers on Instagram after learning there were pictures of herself behind the wheel with her two youngest children in the vehicle during their 24-mile drive home from the Gatwick Airport.

Pictures obtained by The Sun reveal the 40-year-old model and actress in the driver seat with her 4-year-old Jett and her 3-year-old Bunny in the backseat during her six-month ban from driving. According to The Sun, Katie’s six-month ban from driving doesn’t end for another two weeks. Breaching a driving ban can come with hefty punishments including a maximum penalty of up to six months in jail as well as an unlimited fine.

Yesterday, Price took to Instagram to explain what happened to her followers. Katie explained in her Instagram post that she had been so busy with life she thought her six-month driving ban and already expired. After realizing that was not the case, the actress made the decision to come clean to the police because she wanted to clear her “guilty conscience.”

“Been on such an emotional rollercoaster the last 6 months and my head has been all over the place, so much so, that I thought my driving ban was up,” Katie explained in her Instagram post.

“After driving to Harvey’s Hospital appointment I have NOW found out that I don’t get my license back until 8th August. With this on my conscience I called police and reported myself. I’ve come such a long way and just want easy life now.”

For the most part, Katie’s comments on the Instagram post included words of encouragement praising her for being strong and doing the right thing.

As Daily Mail reminds us, it was back in February that the mother-of-five received the six-month ban from driving – her second driving ban – after authorities caught her speeding near her home. The actress received the driving ban because she already had points on her license when she received another six points for her latest speeding offense.

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In addition to the six-month driving ban, the TV personality also received a fine of $982.95 (750 pounds) as well as $262.12 (200 pounds) in costs and a $98.29 (75 pounds) surcharge fee.

It was just shy of six years ago that Katie received her first ban – a 12-month driving ban – back in 2012. Katie claimed she had no knowledge of multiple speeding tickets because her mother managed all the mail. Katie was slapped with a $98.29 (75 pounds) fine and a 12-month driving ban.