Family of 14 Gives Up Their Home To Live In An RV [Video]

A family of 14 has given up everything, including their home, to live in an RV. The Kellogg family, originally from Colorado, decided that above all else their family needed freedom.

Living in the RV are parents Susie and Dan along with their 12 children ranging in age from three months to 19. The oldest, Kerry, recently graduated from high school and chose to remain with his family rather than attending college. The other 11 children are all home-schooled.

When they are not doing school work the family likes explore the country and go on adventures. As reported by Yahoo News, the family especially enjoys kayaking and camping.

The 14 members of the Kellogg family decided to give everything up and permanently move into the RV last fall. Since then they say that “every single day is a weekend.” They are chronicling their journey through Facebook, Twitter, and the family’s website. They have described their adventure as “Kellogg Show.”

One of the first questions the Kelloggs are asked is how they have managed to financially support their travels. As related on the Kellogg Show website, Dan is fortunate enough to have a job that enables him to work while on the road:

“He struggled to figure out exactly what he wanted to do with his life until God threw a salaried position as a computer geek in his lap. He took it, ran with it and we’ve never looked back.”

“Dan works exceptionally hard so we can play equally as hard. We are very blessed that he works from home and can make his own schedule. It is not uncommon for Dan to be working on a weekend or late into the night in order to play the next day.”

When asked how they manage the time and needs of their 14 children, the couple stresses that they only adhere to a few strict priorities and do not “sweat the small stuff.” Susie discusses which priorities mean the most in her family:

“It is mandatory that we have fun every day and do something extreme, that we at some point in the day finish our schoolwork, that we find time to pray and that my kids eat healthy … these are the four things that I don’t cut out of any day. Everything else, I mean EVERYTHING else can and often does get left by the wayside. My kids and our family are the priorities.”

Susie has written a book, offering advise and detailing some of their adventures. The book is called “Raising A Badass Family. Susie hopes to share some of the wisdom she has gained as she and her family of 14 explore the country in their RV.