Heidi Klum Reveals Her Trick For Picking Out The Perfect Bathing Suit

The supermodel says size doesn't matter when it comes to swimsuits.

Heidi Klum
Michele Eve Sandberg / AP Images

The supermodel says size doesn't matter when it comes to swimsuits.

Heidi Klum is known for her fabulous figure, but even she takes a pause when it’s time to try on bathing suits. The swimsuit model turned fashion designer recently told InStyle she has a trick for trying on clothes and bathing suits, especially when she orders online. Klum said it’s important not to get too hung up on swimsuit sizes because they vary per brand.

“When I order clothes, I buy two sizes, sometimes three. That way when it arrives and you try it on, it won’t be too small. That’s always like, womp, womp. Then you can try them all on at home, in front of your own mirror. That’s always key.”

The longtime Project Runway star added that her own Heidi Klum Swim designs offer a lot of options for all body types. Klum revealed that different prints “can do wonders on a body,” so her fabrics are carefully curated after she looks at hundreds of patterns.

“I always want my swimwear to work for many body types because we aren’t all the same size,” Klum said.

Heidi Klum has been photographed in countless sexy bathing suits, but even she has a favorite from her modeling heyday. When asked to pick her most memorable swimsuit, Klum didn’t go for a barely-there bikini. Instead, the model recalled a black and white one-piece she wore on the cover of Sports Illustrated ‘s famous swimsuit issue in the late 1990s.

“Definitely the one I wore when I was on the cover of Sports Illustrated. But it was a one-piece, not a bikini. I didn’t love it at that time because I always loved string bikinis or being topless and just hiding my breasts with coconuts or a leaf or something to make it more interesting. But they put me in this one-piece and that made it on the cover, so obviously I was like, ‘Wow! I still have that bathing suit too. It’s in storage with all of my Halloween costumes and special pieces I’ve worn on the red carpet.”

When Klum launched her debut swimwear line through Heidi Klum Intimates in 2016, she vowed to simplify swimsuit shopping. The model lamented over the trend of putting “5,000 straps and weird cutouts” on swimwear, explaining that while that “works well on photo shoots, it doesn’t look so great on everyone at the beach.”

While Klum, 45, plans to still wear bikinis at age 60 (maybe even sans top, if no one is around), she says the key for everyone is to own who they are no matter what their age.

“You don’t have to hide yourself under a tent just because you don’t have skin like a 20-year-old anymore,” Klum told People.