Britney Spears Posts Flashback Photo Of Barely There Stage Outfit Before Her Show

Britney Spears heated up Instagram with a flashback Friday (FBF) photo to get her fans in Hollywood, Florida, ready for her show there tonight. The 36-year-old Spears, who is currently on her Piece of Me Tour, has been packing in crowds and getting solid reviews for her high energy show that still packs plenty of sex appeal. Spears has been in the news a lot lately, receiving the GLAAD Vanguard Award, hamming it up with Jimmy Fallon singing “I’m Not A Girl, Yet Not A Woman,” forgetting Andy Cohen’s name on stage, and she is being kept away from alcohol on this tour to help avoid any “oops” moments, according to Page Six.

The #FBF photo that Spears posted to Instagram shows her rocking out in a barely there stage outfit that almost looks quite a bit like fetish-bondage wear, accentuated with a riding crop in her right hand. She is all smiles, but looks like she means business, stalking the stage and playing to the crowd. The photo received over 175,000 likes in under two hours, and has continued piling up engagements. Spears captioned the photo as well, letting her Hollywood, Florida, fans know that is was for them.

“One of my favorite stage outfits???? Hollywood, FL are you ready for #PieceOfMe tonight?? #FBF”

Spears fans piled in with comments showing their support and letting her know that they think she looks great and she is their favorite. Most of the comments were very positive, and fans were wishing they were there, letting her know they’d be at an upcoming show, and asking Spears to post some pics from tonight’s show.

“Wow OMG… I LOVE YOU,” one fan commented.

“Dam you make that outfit look good,” messaged another.

“Love it! My hometown,” a local fan said.

Spears Piece of Me Tour kicked off this month and will have legs in North America and Europe, with most shows selling out in within minutes. In Europe, Pitbull will perform as the opening act, as per NME. The tour is essentially Britney taking her Vegas show on the road. Extra dates have been added to the tour due to high demand, and it is believed several more engagements will be tacked on in North America as time allows. Spears will continue working with Epic Rights on her celebrity line while on tour, which will include electronics, fitness apparel, fashion wear, and accessories, for a 2019 launch date.