Did Kate Middleton And Angelina Have A Secret Meeting Where Angie Told Kate About Brad Pitt?

The public is left to wonder if the rumors drifting around online saying Kate gave Angelina advice about Brad are fact or fiction. Did Angie pour her heart out?

Angelina Jolie
Jeff Spicer / Getty Images

The public is left to wonder if the rumors drifting around online saying Kate gave Angelina advice about Brad are fact or fiction. Did Angie pour her heart out?

American actress, filmmaker, and humanitarian, Angelina Jolie, 43, has been spending a fair amount of time in England, filming Maleficent II. During her time abroad, rumors have been circulating, most recently speculating that Angelina had a meet up with Kate Middleton. A supposed insider allegedly told OK! Magazine that these two ladies met up for a long game of catch-up, where some sensitive subjects were discussed, one of which is claimed to revolve around Brad Pitt, cites New Idea. Other outlets, such as Gossip Cop, are refuting these claims. However, without word from Angelia or Kate, the rumor continues to float around online, with uncertainly in both directions of fact or fiction.

This anonymous, alleged source is said to have told journalists at OK! that Angelia and Kate grew close during shared charity work. The possible source said that the two keep in touch through emails. It’s said that Angelina and Kate used an opportunity to speak in person about what was going on in their personal lives. Articles are being pumped out left and right due to this tidbit, especially pointing out the excerpt in OK!, where it’s alleged that Kate gave Angelia advice about taking Brad back. Other reporters are honing in on the supposed remark from the insider, claiming that Angelina opened up to Kate about her emotional state.

“She poured her heart out. She told Kate about everything she’d been through this past year and a half, the difficulty in raising six kids as a single mother, their custody issues and missing Brad.”


According to Gossip Cop, none of that ever happened. Writers there say that they “found no evidence to support such a narrative.” Gossip Cop remarks that the anonymous source is untraceable, stating that they believe this insider’s claims to be fabricated. Their reasoning behind such a conclusion is due to how the sources flip-flops in how the royal family is referred to.

One minute the source uses Kate’s name casually, and the next source is supposedly addressing the duchess’s husband as “Prince William.” Gossip Cop also points out their opinion on Kate and Angie meeting up to discuss the topic of Brad Pitt so late in the game. Brad and Angelina filed for divorce nearly two years ago. Yet another cause for suspicion, says Gossip Cop, revolves around where exactly this supposed meeting took place. They claim to have spoken with someone at the palace — yet another unnamed source — who is said to have laughed at the idea altogether.

Sleuths at Gossip Cop boast having busted another news story released by OK! in the past, when reporters at the magazine used a photograph of Kate as their cover, claiming she was pregnant with twin girls.