Paul McCartney Scolds Audience For Using Their Phones During His Club Gig

Ex-Beatles tells fans to 'play by the rules.'

Former Beatles Rocker
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Ex-Beatles tells fans to 'play by the rules.'

Former Beatles rocker Paul McCartney recently played a more intimate gig at an iconic spot in Liverpool. Before playing at the Cavern Club, he had made statements about wanting to play more intimate shows during the lead-up for his new album release of Egyptian Station. The album comes out September 7, 2018. So far, the list of venues McCartney will be playing are larger spots, with more sure to be announced; however, he did play at another pub in Liverpool for his appearance on The Late Late Show, and most recently took a gig at the Cavern Club on July 26. For those lucky enough to experience Paul McCartney at such a venue, interruptions were surely a bummer. Midway through his performance cover of Eddie Cochran’s classic “Twenty Flight Rock,” McCartney stopped playing so that he could get audience members to put their phones down, reports Ultimate Classic Rock.

Before the show, fans had been warned that photographs were not permitted. While playing, the singer took note that the rules were not being followed, and he was also apparently finding himself distracted. So much so that McCartney scolded his crowd for breaking the understanding that electronic devices needed to be put away for the duration of his performance.

“You’ve all been told not to take photos. You’re taking them, and you’re taking them, and it’s putting me off! So, you know, play by the rules, man!”

Concert Ticket
View of a ticket for the Paul McCartney gig at The Cavern Club, where the singer played a one-off gig at the legendary venue on July 26, 2018, in Liverpool, England. Richard Martin-Roberts / Getty Images

Fans closest to the stage were taking video and snapping pictures of their idol, and he was obviously unhappy. Fortunately, his anger was not blow to the full extent of halting the show, according to NME. He and his band members realized quickly that their tones were a bit grumpy, and took on a more softened approach to the remark before he continued on with the show, restarting “Twenty Flight Rock” from the top.

“The phone thing. I went to a Prince concert and he really was serious about that. He wouldn’t start, you know. Put ’em down! You know what I’m saying?”

Cavern Club is where Beatlemania began, and is proudly proclaimed as the birth place of The Beatles. The club has brick vaulted cellars, 1960s memorabilia, and hosts live tribute bands all day and night. Fans were pumped to catch McCartney back that particular venue. Such a one-off performance was legendary in the eyes and hearts of many Beatles mega-fans. The Guardian recently ran a report on those who were grabbing their tickets for the performance, speaking with some fans outside the club who were describing their admission passes as “the golden ticket.”