‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Carly Struggles, Sonny Pressures Kevin, And Nelle Thinks She’s Got Things Handled

Can Sonny get help from Kevin before Carly loses it? Will Nelle turn the tables on Chase and Michael this week on 'General Hospital'?

David Livingston / Getty Images

Can Sonny get help from Kevin before Carly loses it? Will Nelle turn the tables on Chase and Michael this week on 'General Hospital'?

Thursday’s episode will be a juicy one according to the latest General Hospital spoilers. Nelle has brought up the idea of having Chase kill Michael while Sonny and Jason are desperate to get Carly out of Ferncliff. There’s a bit of Elizabeth and Franco on the way and it looks like the July 26 show will be packed with action.

Michael, Chase, and Jordan are eager to move forward with this plan to trap Nelle, as they need this to play out before Michael’s will is filed. General Hospital spoilers from the latest sneak peek via Twitter show that Chase and Jordan will touch base about the status of their plan. She will question whether Michael might be able to get Nelle to confess as he records it, probably thinking that this approach would be safer than faking a death.

While Jordan surely has a point, General Hospital spoilers hint that Michael and Chase will insist that they need to move forward with the plan to ensure they can fully take care of Nelle. As they work on implementing their plan, it looks like Nelle will be feeling pretty confident that she’s got things under control. The preview shows Nelle slyly telling Ava that they’re in this thing together, and chances are good that this isn’t intended as a positive thing.

General Hospital spoilers from SheKnows Soaps note that Ava will congratulate Michael during Thursday’s show, but again, that’s unlikely to truly be intended as a positive thing. Ava could blow all of this with Nelle up if she wanted to, but she’s scrambling since Nelle could cause trouble for Ava as well. When and if Michael supposedly dies as a result of all this scheming, Ava will surely be in a major panic.

Viewers will see Carly struggling at Ferncliff, as the heavy medications she’s being forced to take are causing a lot of confusion. She’ll be increasingly rattled as this next show plays out and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Sonny will step in to try to save his wife. Kevin had handled off Carly’s case to Dr. Lazarus as he went to see Laura, but apparently, Kevin is back and Sonny’s ready to confront him.

The next episode also brings good news of some sort from Alexis and Julian reportedly catches a lucky break in some way. Franco will be surprised to see Elizabeth, questioning what she’s doing wherever he is, and fans are ready to get more Friz than they’ve gotten for the past month or so.

Michael will meet up with someone, likely Chase it seems, insisting that it’s time to put the plan into motion and General Hospital spoilers suggest that Friday’s episode will bring big developments on this front.

Will this plan the two men have play out as intended or could things go wrong and leave Nelle truly having the upper hand? Stay tuned for new General Hospital spoilers as things edge forward and don’t miss the drama set to play out during Thursday’s episode.