July 25, 2018
Queen Elizabeth II's Corgis Have Their Own Individual Butlers To Serve Their Freshly-Prepared Meals

Royal pets live a life of luxury, says MSN, complete with helicopter rides, private chefs, gourmet meals, official painted portraits, private air travel with their royal owners, and in the case of Queen Elizabeth II's corgi's, their own personal butlers.

Most recently, Meghan Markle's rescue dog, Guy, received worldwide attention when he was photographed riding to the the new Duke and Duchess of Sussex's wedding with Her Royal Majesty Queen Elizabeth, according to Harper's Bazaar.

Wikimeda Commons | Ruth Ellison
Meghan Markle' rescue beagle received worldwide attention when he rode to Harry and Meghan's wedding with Queen Elizabeth II.

Royal pets also live the good life when traveling. According to Vanity Fair, William and Kate's dog Lupo tags along by helicopter when they travel.

Another famous royal is Zara Tindell, daughter of Princess Anne. The Telegraph reports that Zara, an accomplished equestrian, was so saddened by the death of Toytown, her favorite horse, that she issued a public statement in which she referred to Toytown as her "greatest friend…with the biggest heart". Zara went on to add "He was a huge part of my family, an amazing animal, and a true champion. I will miss you forever."

Another pampered royal rescue pup belongs to the Duchess of Cornwall. People Magazine reports that Duchess Camilia rescued Bluebell, a Jack Russell Terrier. Bluebell reportedly accompanies the Duchess of Cornwall on her royal engagements.

But it's not just modern day royals that dote on their pets. Queen Victoria's dogs reportedly received their own tombs in a pet cemetery on royal grounds at Sandringham Estate, says The Mirror. Dash, who was Queen Victoria's favorite Cavalier King Charles Spaniel, even had his own epitaph in which Queen Victoria spoke of his playfulness, selflessness, and encouraged the reader to live by Dash's example.

Queen Elizabeth's corgis have been a royal staple since she got her first corgi in 1933, says MSN, raising the breed's profile worldwide for dog-loving royal watchers. Queen Elizabeth II's royal corgis have appeared at an Olympic opening ceremony and each have their own personal butler to serve their meals.

According to Town & Country, the royal corgi's eat in style, with individual menus created for each dog, and have their freshly prepared meals hand-delivered in porcelain bowls. The corgis reportedly enjoy meals such as rabbit, chicken, beef, and have been known to to be the royal recipients of freshly hunted meat provided by Prince William and Prince Harry.