Megyn Kelly Breaks Down On Air Remembering Her Beloved 14-Year-Old Dog Basha

Andrew TothGetty Images

Megyn Kelly is having a difficult time following the loss of her beloved dog, Basha. On Friday, Kelly took to her Twitter account to share a photo of her dog along with the sad news that the pooch had passed away.

“Our dog Basha died today. I had 14 beautiful years with her. I am so terribly sad, but also so grateful for the love this little creature brought into my life,” Kelly wrote.

Today was Kelly’s first time back to the Today Show since the loss of her pet and Megyn was visibly emotional as she opened up to fans about the recent loss, confessing that she was going to try and get through the broadcast before breaking down in tears.

“To me it was like, just a reminder how much these little creatures could mean to us. How close we get to them. I know some people would say, ‘It’s just a dog,’ but it’s been a really emotional weekend.”

Kelly then went on to say that it was only fitting that since her beloved dog brought so much joy to her life when she was in it, that her passing also brought a ton of love, bringing both her Republican followers and her Democratic followers together to support her in the loss.


“I’m followed by a bunch of republicans and a bunch of democrats… On this they were uniformly in agreement. They were just full of love and kindness and empathy. I just thought it’s a nice moment in a way, even though I’ll miss her terribly,” Kelly said on the show.

So far, her tweet of Basha’s passing has received a ton of attention from her 2 million-plus followers with over 8,900 favorites and over 2,000 comments. The overwhelming majority were quick send their thoughts to Kelly following her tough loss while countless others related to Kelly by sharing the loss of their own pet with her.

“My deepest condolences @megynkelly. We just put our family dog down in May after 14 amazing years. He was an @AnimalLeague rescue named Elvis. God bless our furry friends,” one follower wrote.

“I am so sorry for your loss. She was a beautiful dog and you gave her a wonderful life. Thinking of you,” one more chimed in.

During the show, Kelly also told the audience that her daughter is taking the loss of Basha pretty hard while her sons are doing pretty good following Basha’s passing.

The 47-year-old also shared that her son Thatcher turned 5-years-old today and he is begging her to get a new dog for his birthday.