WWE News: Footage Of Braun Strowman’s Monstrous Impact In India, Meets Bollywood Superstar Varun Dhawan


Braun Strowman is not only one of the most popular superstars in the WWE, he is quickly becoming one of the most popular athletes worldwide. Representing the WWE, Braun Strowman is currently touring India, and as expected, “The Monster in the Bank” is making quite the impact. Strowman has already appeared on the hit shows WWE Sunday Dhamaal and Mirchi Hangout. The WWE superstar also met Bollywood superstar Varun Dhawan, and Strowman took to Twitter to answer some of his fans’ questions.

As the Indian Express reported, on Friday, “The Monster Among Men” met Varun Dhawan, and the two worked out together. Varun has been listed in Forbes India’s Celebrity 100 since 2014. The talented actor has starred in numerous hit movies, including Student of the Year, which garnered him the Breakthrough Performance prize at the Stardust Awards. Dhawan posted some tweets that showed the pair working out.

On Twitter, the Bollywood actor said that “The Monster in the Bank” was a great guy, and that he is very deserving of all the hype he is getting. Varun also thanked the World Wrestling Entertainment for setting up the meeting, and he described it as Bollywood meets the WWE.

As the Indian Express documented, “The Monster Among Men” expressed how excited he is that he got to visit India again.

“After the overwhelming love I received from my fans in India, I’m excited to be coming back for more. Brace yourself WWE Universe India. The Monster is coming.”


During his Twitter Q&A, a fan asked Strowman who his best friend was in the WWE locker room. “The Monster Among Men” didn’t bat an eye, and he said that Bray Wyatt was his best friend. He then added that Bray is more than a best friend to him, and that he’s a brother. Braun was asked who he would like to have an iron man match with from the Attitude Era, and he named “Stone Cold” Steve Austin.


Braun Strowman hasn’t been shy on expressing how he loves interacting with his fans, and sports executives in India are pleased that “The Monster Among Men” is visiting the country. Mr. Rajesh Kaul, the Chief Revenue Officer, Distribution & Head, SPN Sports, was equally enthusiastic that Braun Strowman had returned to the country. As the India Express documented, Kaul spoke about the WWE.

“WWE has always had overwhelming support in India and the continuous interaction with fans through collaborative initiatives over the years has contributed to the growth of its audience…Braun Strowman’s visit to India will further amplify the fan engagement.”


Sheetesh Srivastava, Vice President and General Manager, WWE India, also expressed excitement for Braun’s visit.

“In the last couple of months, the Monster Among Men has won the Greatest Royal Rumble and the Money in the Bank contract. Given that India has one of the largest WWE fanbases in the world, we are excited to bring Braun Strowman here to engage with the WWE Universe.”