WWE News: At San Diego Comic-Con, Matt Hardy Reveals The Epic Match That He Wants At ‘WrestleMania 35’


While at San Diego Comic-Con International, WWE superstar Matt Hardy took a moment to speak with Noelle Foley for Ringside Collectibles. As seen in the video below, the WWE superstar spoke about his new Mattel ECW action figure, how he feels being at San Diego Comic-Con, and who he would like to wrestle at WrestleMania 35.

Of course, Matt Hardy started the interview off by telling Noelle Foley that he feels wonderful. He said that he loves the San Diego Comic-Con event and that this was his first time partaking in it. Noelle Foley then unveiled the soon to be released Matt Hardy ECW Elite action figure by Mattel, and she said that it’s the first figure to feature the silver ECW Championship belt. The “Woken” one said that the ECW Championship was quite massive and that it was a handful to carry around in his luggage. He also said the silver belt resembled the front end of an old car, and that it was great that it was featured on the new figure.

The “Deleter” has had a stellar career in professional wrestling, and some of his best accomplishments have occurred during his tenure with the WWE. In the WWE, Hardy has held the ECW title, several tag team championships, the European title, the U.S. championship, and the hardcore championship.

WWE superstar Matt Hardy
Featured image credit: WWE

Matt has virtually held every strap that the WWE has to offer, but the Intercontinental Championship is one that has eluded the wrestler. Foley asked him if the Intercontinental Championship would be “Woken” anytime soon, and Hardy said that he could see himself procuring the belt sometime down the road.

When asked what his dream match is for WrestleMania 35, as Ringside News transcribed, Hardy had an interesting idea.

“You know what I think what would be an excellent match? Myself, Brother Nero, and Bray Wyatt versus The Shield. What a match up that would be.”

Matt Hardy has held the tag team championship on several occasions with his brother, and recently he held it with his current partner, Bray Wyatt. The idea of all three of them teaming together is an entertaining concept for sure. Dean Ambrose is currently tending to an injury, but he is reportedly going to return to in-ring action soon. Once he does, many fans would probably enjoy a reunion between him and his Shield brothers, Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns. Of course, this was just Hardy giving a “what if” answer, but much of the WWE universe would likely enjoy that would-be WrestleMania match.