Jon Bon Jovi Turned Down ‘The X-Factor’

Jon Bon Jovi has revealed that he turned down the opportunity to be a judge on last year’s X-Factor show.

The 50-year-old then also stated that he had been offered a plethora of reality TV shows but that he turned each of them down so that he could perform a world tour with his bandmates. This occasion will mark their thirtieth year as a group.

Speaking to The Sun, Bon Jovi stated, “I was offered all of [the shows] last year but it’s not for me because I have a job – we’re busy.”

Jon then went on to reveal that he things these shows put too much pressure on contestants at such a young age. He also stated that he believes he wouldn’t have had a chance at winning the contest at the start of his career.

“It’s hard for the talent because they’re thrust into a huge spotlight, then they win these things and they’re expect to have a record that’s on a par with the greats,” said the New Jersey native.

“I had 23 years to write my first record -I was able to develop a career in bars. I would never have won any of those contests. You see them there and they can hit the high note and then a year later they’re a trivia question. It’s a big ask of these kids,” proclaimed the rocker.

Bon Jovi also revealed that he simply got “lucky” with his wife of almost 25 years and that he isn’t a diva. Do you like Jon Bon Jovi?