Bon Jovi’s Daughter Stepanie Bongiovi Has Heroin Charges Dropped

Stephanie Bongiovi, daughter of rocker Bon Jovi, will not face criminal prosecution for heroin possession. Stephanie was rushed to the hospital on Wednesday after overdosing in her college dorm.

A representative for the Oneida County District Attorney’s Office said criminal charges against he 19-year-old and a 21-year-old male student who was involved in the overdose.

Stephanie was rushed to a nearly hospital where she was treated and then arrested. The incident occurred in her Hamilton College dormitory.

According to the police report, a drug task force scoured the room and found small quantities of heroine and marijuana. Police officers also found drug paraphernalia in the college dorm room.

Stephanie was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of marijuana, and criminally using drug paraphernalia. Stephanie Bongiovi was also arrested for drug possession.

Police dropped the charges because New York law prohibits the prosecution of people experiencing a drug overdose. That same law also prohibits the prosecution of people who assist in seeking medical care for the person overdosing, in this case, the 21-year-old male.

The law that protected both participants in the drug scandal is known as the Good Samaritan 911 law. Governor Andrew Cuomo signed the law into effect in July 2011. The ultimate goal of the Good Samaritan 911 law is to reduce the number of deaths by overdose by taking away the fear of prosecution for all parties involved.

Do you think the Good Samaritan 911 law is a useful piece of legislation, or should drug dealers and people in possession of drugs still face charges for their illegal choices?