'Timeless' Fans Have Taken To The Skies To Get The Cancelled Show Back, Rufus Banner Flies Over SDCC

Kim Brandow

If there were any doubts on just how serious Timeless fans are about getting the now-cancelled show back on air, you can throw them out the window. The clockblockers, as they are called, have been relentless in fighting for their favorite history drama. If you just happened to be anywhere near the San Diego Comic-Con on Saturday, then you probably had witnessed -- well, history. The Save Timeless Facebook page posted a live feed of the bold banner that flew over the city for all to see.

Timeless fans came together to raise money to rent two helicopters to fly the banner this weekend where Comic-Con was happening. The writing on the banner totes the now classic last words of the future Lucy and Wyatt on the Season 2 finale: "You guys, want to get Rufus back, or what?" It was quite eye-catching and impressive.

This huge effort was put together by a few fans who started a Go Fund Me page trying to raise money for this special project. Amazingly enough, they raised more than $21,000 to make their statement. Once the copters were in the sky, word spread quickly on social media with the hashtag #SaveTimelessSDCC trending today on Twitter.

NBC chose to cancel the fan-favorite show this spring. Timeless had been canned last year after its first season. However, the voices of the fans were heard and the network brought it back to life, only to once again cancel after the sophomore season. Everyone had high hopes that it would be brought back, especially since the execs took such a long time to make their decision. It was a shock and fans have been going strong on social media ever since for another source to pick it up.

Will the fans' pleas fall on deaf ears? Will anyone come to the rescue to save Timeless from becoming a thing of the past? That remains to be seen. So many people want to see Rufus be rescued from his untimely death and to continue Lucy and Wyatt's love story. It may be hard pressed for them to say no to such an epic fan project.