Crappy Santas - It's Time to Take a Stand

Christmas is right around the corner. My wife has already decorated our house with various christmas decor and stuff. All I have to do is buy a new LED outdoor light chain (It'll save us 80% on power compared to the old light bulp ones). With christmas we usually see a lot of Santa Claus' in various dubious qualities and designs.

Fear not though, the folks at Crappy Santas are here to help you.

As they say on

Every year, stores around the world become littered with crappy santas. Big corporations pump this crap out with little to no regard for santa-standards. Beard length, hat placement, belly size, and suit hue are all standards that be enforced. If we're able collect 1,000 crappy santas by Christmas Eve the International Toy Federation will have no choice but to recall all these half-assed santas.