My Strange Addiction: Woman Cannot Stop Licking Her Cat [Video]

A woman being profiled on My Strange Addiction has a very strange addiction indeed: She cannot stop licking her cat. Lisa Does not just lick the cat; she also feels compelled to eat the hair.

Lisa does not collect cat fur from around her home, as she prefers to lick it directly from her cat. She states that “the best ones are right off the cat.” The addiction is something that Lisa has struggled with for 15 years.

Eating hair, in general, is associated with an obsessive compulsive disorder that involved pulling hair. As stated on, 10 percent of patients suffering from trichotillomania actually eat the hair that they pull out. They point out that eating hair can be dangerous and cause serious digestive problems including ulcers. Although those struggling with the disorder may choose to eat the hair of others, there is no mention of cats.

Lisa says that licking her cat and then eating their hair makes her feel closer to pet. As reported by, Lisa describes how much she enjoys the cat hair:

“Just chewing it is relaxing … Her fur is such an interesting texture. So soft and puffy and like cotton candy.”

Lisa spends a lot of time licking her cat and chewing the hair like “a mama cat would do with her kittens.” She states that she cannot go more than two hours at a time without licking her cat or eating cat hair.

The My Strange Addiction episode air on February 13 at 10P pm Eastern time on TLC. Along with Lisa and her cat licking addiction, the show will feature a couple that are obsessed with coffee enemas.