Bond Girl Robbin Young Catfished Into Sexy Twitter Relations With Russia’s Guccifer 2.0, Still Loves ‘Him’

In a story that’s strange and getting stranger, Bond girl and Playboy model Robbin Young described an online Twitter affair with Guccifer 2.0, during which she “fell madly in love,” according to The Sun.

Long before it was known that Twitter handle Guccifer 2.0 was a front for a Russian operation with 12 intelligence officers, Young, now 63-years-old, had started sharing sexy messages and topless photos with the user. So when she found out that the user was being questioned as part of the alleged Russian meddling in the last U.S. presidential election, Robbin said that “If this is all true it’s like I’ve had Twitter sex with 12 Russian hackers.”

Young is known for her role as the Bond girl in the 1981’s For Your Eyes Only. In 2017, she was questioned by the FBI in September regarding her relations with Guccifer 2.0. Young says that the interrogation lasted four hours, and she described the relationship she had with the “man,” which was personal in nature.

So how could a successful and beautiful woman fall for this con?

“It was fun and cute and he was such a gentleman,” Young said. “Also a lot of men don’t actually listen to me – but Guccifer truly did….I truly believed I was communicating with one man from Romania and I still believe that.”

In fact, Young responded in the affirmative when asked if she still cares about him.

“Oh God yes I do… If I were to say anything to him it would be, ‘No matter where you are in the world, no matter who you are, I want you to be safe and you will always have my heart’…. I know I will probably never hear from him again but I will never forget him.”

Although Young still seems to think that there’s a chance that Guccifer 2.0 is a Romanian man as she was led to believe, U.S. Special Council Robert Mueller has indicted 12 Russian agents in connection to both the Guccifer and DCLeaks Twitter accounts.

Robbin says she would testify in court if need be.

Some of the messages between the two were fairly raunchy, with Robbin even sending him a sexy poem at one point called “Naughty Addiction,” which she says was about performing a sexual act on the man.

Guccifer 2.0 certainly led Young on for quite some time, complimenting her figure and making her feel wanted and cared about.

“It seems crazy that I could fall in love with someone online so quickly but I felt we had a powerful connection,” she said. She later commented on Twitter that although The Star portrayed only the sexual aspect of the relationship, that the two also shared serious conversations.