Google Maps For Motorcyclists Is Finally Here

Ulet Ifansasti Getty Images

Up until recently, motorcyclists have been thrown into the same category as motorized vehicles when utilizing the traveling mapping partner, Google Maps, reports Rideapart. Getting to nearly any location with directions from Google Maps is a widely popular option for commuters and travelers of all types, as the app has options for pedestrians, commuters, and drivers. These updates are officially available in Eastern Asia, and depending on their success, may be rolled out everywhere. As of yet, the company has not confirmed if the feature will be rolled out globally.

The fast growing market for motorcycles has brought about this decision from Google. Initially developed in India, this new feature is also now available in Malaysia, Myanmar, Indonesia, Taiwan, Thailand, Hong Kong, Vietnam, and the Philippines.

According to reports, the motorcycle feature will take into account the longer travel time that drivers of motorcycles have when compared to typical motorized vehicles. Indeed, those who will be utilizing the app will likely be excited about the more efficient routes that suggest taking the guess work out of road travels. It has also been reported that this feature will list parking locations for motorcyclists.

Even more exciting is the app’s new feature of having the ability to direct users based off of landmarks. This is especially intriguing for those who rely on Google Maps as an auditory direction when they cannot look at the screen while driving, as that can be a bit tricky for some.

Despite Google not confirming whether or not the company will expand the feature worldwide, Google Map’s counterpart, Waze, has released statements that their own motorcycle feature will be available globally soon.

This is not the first new feature rolling out from Google Maps. A second recently added aspect is the “Time to Leave” feature. Those who activate this feature — available on the web and on apps for Android and Apple users — can do so by toggling the option inside the notifications via the side menus. User have to be signed into use this feature.

What “Time to Leave” does is notify users when it is time to leave for their pre-planned trip in order to keep them on track, time wise. Such a feature ensures that, if utilized properly, they will arrive at their destination exactly on time. Users will also have to allow Google to know their whereabouts, current location, and plans in order to the feature to work properly.