G-Eazy Says Demi Lovato Is 'Just A Friend,' Contrary To Rumors Of The Two Dating After His Breakup With Halsey

Mizuki Hisaka

Halsey and G-Eazy broke up, and fans saw Halsey tear up while singing "Sorry" at the Common Ground Music Festival in early July, according to the Inquisitr. And then, rumors surfaced that G-Eazy was rebounding with Demi Lovato when he was seen holding hands with her about a week later, reported Page Six. The two had reportedly partied at an L.A. club all night, which made fans very concerned for Lovato, since she recently admitted to relapsing.

To complicate matters more, Halsey had hinted that G-Eazy had cheated on her with a series of cryptic tweets. And around the time that G-Eazy was seen with Lovato, Halsey told fans at a New Jersey concert that "I learned recently it's OK to be alone! Being alone is enough... The second lesson I learned is don't sleep with your ex." Nobody knows for sure who Halsey was talking about, but some thought that it was G-Eazy, detailed the Inquisitr.

Whatever the details, G-Eazy has said that Lovato is "just a friend," quashing the rumors that the two are dating. But whether it's coincidence or not, both G-Eazy and Halsey have gone blonde recently.

G-Eazy opened up about what it's like to be in the public eye to ET.

"It's just one of those things that comes with the territory. You trade in your anonymity in exchange for some of your success in the public eye... You have to remember the blessings and remember how grateful you are to be here in the first place and understand some of that is just what comes with the territory."