Shots Fired Through Window At Democratic Office In New York

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Multiple shots were fired through the window of the Albany County Democratic Committee’s Headquarters in New York Tuesday night.

According to the Times Union, at least nine shots were fired between the time employees left the building Tuesday evening and arrived Wednesday morning. Six rounds were fired and shattered the window of Committee Chairman Jack Flynn’s office, where he often stays late to work.

“It’s pretty scary because I could have actually been there, I’m glad that nobody was hurt.”

A spokesman for Albany police, Officer Steve Smith, told Times Union they received a call around 11 a.m. Soon after police were scouring the building, canvassing the area and contacting locals. Sharing a photo of the shattered window on Twitter, Albany police are asking anyone with information to please come forward.

Police said they found at least one hole that may have been there as early as last week but stated the remaining bullet holes and damage were due to consistent gunfire. Local police are unsure of the caliber of gun used but are concerned for their citizens.

“It’s concerning anytime anybody fires a gun in our city,” Smith said. “Thankfully this was after hours. Nobody was in that office.”

Although locals describe the neighborhood as safe, statistics show Albany, NY, as having one of the highest crime rates in America for its size. In 2016 the city was ranked as one of the most dangerous cities in New York according to Times Union. Almost 98 percent of New York has a lower crime rate than Albany.

Former Mayor Jerry Jennings passed the scene and expressed his disappointment at the shooting, the publication said.

Noticing some of the shots fired directly at the window, shattering the political name of the organization down the middle, Flynn said he believes there was purpose behind the shooting. “I believe there was an intent to make a statement,” Flynn said.

Business owners next to the headquarters told local publications the shooting was “a bit unsettling.” Unfortunately this incident is not a first of its kind. Earlier this month the Nebraska GOP was vandalized during the night according to ABC. Officials from Nebraska’s Democratic Party tweeted about the incident, acknowledging the fear associated with working in politics.

“Our workplaces and homes are meant to be safe places where we pursue goals and dreams.”

Local police continue their investigation in Albany in hopes of bringing safety back to the Democratic headquarters.