Truck Overturns, Narrowly Misses Motorcyclist In Stunning Viral Video

Linhai, China – A motorcyclist at an intersection just barely avoids an overturning truck in a stunning viral video (embedded below).

A motorcyclist stopped at an intersection in eastern China narrowly escaped being crushed to death by an overturning truck attempting to turn. reports that the accident, which was caught on video by surveillance cameras, happened on January 22 in Xushi Village in the city of Linhai, Zhejiang province.

The footage is unbelievable. The truck attempts a sharp left turn at the intersection and slowly begins to tip over. The rider, stopped at the crosswalk, sees the truck begin to overturn, and walks his motorcycle back to avoid it.

He doesn’t do so quickly enough, and is forced to jump off his bike just before the truck comes crashing down to the ground, damaging the bike and just barely sparing its rider.

There’s actually some humor to the video, as well. Once the truck has crashed and his motorcycle has been ruined, the rider tears off his helmet and shakes his head, clearly more annoyed than afraid.

The truck’s driver said that he was driving roughly 10kph, and that there wasn’t anything he could do to stop the truck from turning over. Thankfully, no injuries were reported, according to Yahoo.

Check out the stunning viral video below, and let us know what you think in the comments section!