Ariana Grande Covers Naked Body In Paint For New Single

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Famed singer/actress Ariana Grande has made no shortage of headline-inducing decisions in recent times, but her latest post on social media shares a bit more than the quirky, sweet television and music star has ever before, with the “Bang Bang” singer posed nude only slightly covered in body paint, as a promotion of her latest single “God Is A Woman.”

As reported by the Daily Mail, the photo, which was shared via Instagram to her 123.3 million followers on Thursday, July 12, showcases the pop star completely topless with only slight hints of body paint covering her breasts and side.

In the photo, Grande appears to be laying down on a cloud, with her arm outstretched above her head and curved back in over the top.

Purple, white, and blue paint covered her left breast and the side of her torso as what appears to be a vine of green leaves is touching her stomach.

The singer’s signature brunette ponytail was done up ornately and draped over the left side of her body, cascading down to the bottom of the picture, while the photo was captioned with simply “‘God Is A Woman’ Out Now.”

‘God Is A Woman’ out now

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The former Disney channel star also shared the news of her latest single on Instagram in another, less risque form, with a video of her celebrating the release of her latest single donned in a slightly oversized white hoodie and flanked by giant silver balloons shaped in the letters of the acronym for her new song, ‘G.I.A.W.’

Grande was not the only one excited for her latest single’s release though. New fiance Pete Davidson, a well-known Saturday Night Live actor, shared his praise for the singer through his Instagram page as well. Davidson posted yesterday that “G.I.A.W.” is his “fav one on the album” and calling it “bonkers,” then, subsequently after its release, shared a face-covering selfie in which his new short blonde hair is only distinguishable with the caption “GIAW out now!!!!,’ then posed another screenshot to his story, showing him actively listening to the song.

GIAW out now !!!! ☁️

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Grande and Davidson’s relationship has progressed quickly in what seems like only a matter of weeks, with the couple consistently expressing their love for each other on Instagram, becoming engaged, then getting matching tattoos in honor of Davidson’s late father who lost his life in the September 11, 2001 terror attacks.

Grande’s album Sweetener, of which two singles, “God Is A Woman” and “The Light Is Coming” have already been shared, is due for a full release on August 17, 2018.