Keanu Reeves Says Working With Winona Ryder Again Was ‘The Best Time’

When Keanu Reeves isn’t portraying hitman extraordinaire John Wick, he is taking on a variety of roles you might not always expect to see him in. This summer, he will be playing an American diamond merchant that gets mixed up with some Russian gangsters in the new film, Siberia, which will debut July 13. That role is the type of thing fans expect from Reeves, but it’s been 15 years since he did a “RomCom,” and now he has another on the way.

Reeves will star alongside Winona Ryder in the film, Destination Wedding, which reunites the pair that first worked together in Bram Stoker’s Dracula in 1992. The pair will portray unhappy guests at a wedding in California’s wine country. It is a story in which misery finds company, falls in love with company, and who knows what happens next? If their on-screen chemistry matches their relationship off-screen, it is sure to be fun for all.

Reeves told Vanity Fair that he and Ryder have stayed in touch since they first worked together. They primarily keep in touch via text messages. Reeves said that sometimes he just texts her to say “Hey what’s up?,” or “what are you doing,” and they get back to each other and it’s awesome.

The buzz around Destination Wedding has been steadily building, and it may be a surprise hit. Gen X fans that have been following the pair’s respective careers for almost 30 years are excited to see them work together. Reeves has a strong fan base, and after Stranger Things re-introduced Ryder to a whole new generation of fans, she has once again become bankable in Hollywood.

Reeves said in a recent interview that the movie should be fun for fans to watch because it was fun for them to make.

“I had the best time working with Winona again. She’s such a great actress. We had fun together making Destination Wedding — too much fun. We play characters that are opposites of the same coin. I’m more of a pessimist, and she’s more of an optimist, which causes lots of fighting between the two of us. I haven’t done a lot of romantic comedies, and I really loved the humor of the script and I loved all the dramatic experiences the characters go through.”

Reeves has several projects in the works, and Ryder is continuing with the Stranger Things series on Netflix, which has at least two more seasons on order.

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