Ivanka Trump’s Neighbors Protest ‘Zero Tolerance’ Immigration Policy And Missed Deadline To Reunite Families

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Ivanka Trump and husband Jared Kushner’s neighbors are silently protesting the “zero tolerance” immigration policies and the current administration’s missed deadline to reunite immigrant families, People reports.

The dozens of protesters arrived at their Washington, D.C., home a day after it was reported that the administration had missed the deadline.

Instead of vocalizing their displeasure, people from their neighborhood held candles and signs reading messages like “Tell Daddy, enough!” and “Love They Neighbor!” as cries of protest.

According to Newsweek, Ivanka returned home around dinnertime but soon left, not returning until the silent protest had ended.

Theology teacher Riley Temple said that neighbors normally give Ivanka and Kushner their privacy, but decided to protest in light of recent events.

“We shattered the custom because they have shattered civility,” Temple said to the Daily Mail. “These separation policies, the inability to bring [migrant families separated at the border] back together, are crimes against humanity.”

Ivanka has remained loyal to her father, supporting his view that the Democrats serving in Congress are behind the families separated at the border.

“Congress must act now + find a lasting solution that is consistent with our shared values; the same values that so many come here seeking as they endeavor to create a better life for their families,” she recently tweeted.

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On Thursday morning, only 57 children under 5 out of the 102 who were separated had been returned to their parents. The Trump administration explained that the deportation of parents and safety issues had prevented the remaining 46 from being reunited with their families.

U.S. District Judge Dana Sabraw had initially set a 14-day deadline to reunite children under 5 with their families and a 30-day deadline for the older children who had been separated. The goal had been to return 34 children out of 102 by Tuesday.

While the neighborhood is upscale, they have actively protested the first daughter and her family before. Hundreds of LGBTQ protesters held a “dance party” protest shortly after they moved in and posted a Facebook page titled “Queer Dance Party for Climate Justice at Ivanka Trump’s House!”

Ivanka also drew negative attention about the “zero tolerance” policy when she visited a school in Syracuse, New York, on Monday. Protesters were more vocal during that incident, screaming “Shame!” and “What about the children?” when she came to lead a roundtable discussion on education.

Seemingly aware of their unpopularity, Ivanka and Kushner have rearranged their lives to avoid scrutiny and go to early morning spin classes near their home to avoid public attention.