Christina El Moussa Shares Her Bikini Body Tips

Christina El Moussa has become quite the social media sensation since Flip or Flop became a hit television show on HGTV, but she’s become somewhat of an icon for the “working mom” crowd thanks to her bounce-back skills.

Her divorce from her now-ex-husband, Tarek El Moussa, and her subsequent take-up with British television host Ant Anstead, have served as an inspiration to many who watch her hit show, and those who can’t wait for her newest show, Christina on the Coast.

Despite having two children, Christina El Moussa also has a slamming body — one that she isn’t afraid to show off in her various Instagram posts to her thousands of followers.

She sat down with AOL recently, too, to discuss how she stays in such perfect shape.

Christina says that the biggest thing that helps her stay healthy and fit is a “clean, organic” diet filled with fruits and vegetables, claiming that she “feels bad” when she eats something bad, so she avoids “bad” foods.

Christina also says that she has a balanced diet of proteins, “good carbs,” and fats to keep her blood sugar stable. Her nutritionist, Cara Clark, helps her with cooking — and a sample day’s meals include “overnight oats” for breakfast, a salad with quinoa for lunch, and vegan chili for dinner.

But it’s not just a good diet that gives Christina El Moussa a slamming summer body.

She also says that she keeps a regular exercise regimen by working out five days a week. She only works out for 45 minutes a day, but she credits OrangeTheory, an exercise interval class, for helping her burn 1,000 calories within that period of time.

Claiming that the workouts are “half cardio, half weights,” Christina also says that she not only works out to burn calories, she works out to “de-stress,” crediting yoga with helping her unplug from crazy life.

A few days ago, according to House Beautiful, Christina’s boyfriend, Ant Anstead, shared a heartfelt message to his lady love to celebrate her birthday.

Claiming that she “makes him laugh” all the time, Ant also called her a “legend” who is an inspiration to him, and who also “saved” him, but doesn’t look bad for someone who’s 35 years old. And we’re inclined to agree!

Christina El Moussa’s new show, Christina on the Coast, will debut in the fall for HGTV, and new episodes of Flip or Flop are airing on HGTV now.

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