‘Bold And The Beautiful’ Star Jacob Young, Who Plays Rick Forrester, Thinks He Broke His Ankle

Pascal Le SegretainGetty Images

Bold and the Beautiful fans know him as Rick Forrester, but Jacob Young recently hurt his ankle and took to social media to reassure his fans. The 38-year-old actor said that he had been doing some dance moves when he rolled his ankle. At the time, he thought that it was broken, according to his first Instagram post about his injury.

Young posted an update a day later that he is already getting better. He thanked fans for their support and even quoted Matthew Wilder’s “Break My Stride.” The actor-turned-country singer was apparently in good spirits two days after the mishap.

“Seriously a huge THANK YOU to everyone, your kindness, good wishes and love are getting me through. It’s been two days, I’m in a walking cast and already on the mend. Life happens, life gets in the way, but hey that’s life. ‘Ain’t nothing gonna break my stride, I’m running and I won’t touch ground…”

Fans sent the actor their well-wishes and support, with some even advising him to get an x-ray done immediately. But in his original post, he referenced that his wife “@christenyoung4 has got this!” and judging by his speedy recovery, the lovely Mrs. Young probably has.

Bold and the Beautiful fans may have noticed that Young does not appear as often on the show as he once did. Young has been a regular contract actor for 21 years, and he and his on-screen wife, Karla Mosley, are one of the fans favorite couples. This year his contract status was changed to a recurring one, and viewers now only see him occasionally. However, according to CBS Soaps In Depth, the actor saw the change in status as a blessing and an opportunity.

“I’m recurring and just starting to shoot a movie for Lifetime. I have been under contract for 21 years and this to me is a blessing. I can now have the time to pursue all my passions.”

And that’s exactly what Young has been doing – pursuing his passions with zeal. He dropped his latest single “American Way” during the Fourth of July holiday week and blew fans and critics away with his talent. He is also set to star in a new film “Deadly Desert Vacation.”

It certainly seems as if his recurring status at Bold and the Beautiful has enabled Young to live out his dreams. With an upcoming movie, songs, a beautiful wife and three gorgeous kids – who needs a soap opera life when you’ve got the perfect one? Wishing Jacob Young a speedy recovery.