‘Big Brother 20’ Contestant Rachel Swindler Breaks Down After Being Named Least Trending Houseguest

Sonja FlemmingCBS

Big Brother’s Season 20 houseguests are feeling the hate. While the show’s new “trending” twist can make the top trending contestant feel on top of the world, the opposite effect is being felt by the “least trending” houseguest. On the most recent episode of the CBS summertime reality show, Rachel Swindler had the wind knocked out of her sails when she learned she was the least trending (read: least favorite) houseguest of the week.

Swindler entered the newly instated “BB App Store” full of confidence, thinking she would surely win the top trending title. And for a second she thought she had it until she was slapped with the dreaded “least trending” title instead. That title comes with a “crap app,” and Swindler’s app is indeed pretty crappy.

For Rachel’s “punishment,” she chose an app called “Yell,” a play on the name of the review site Yelp. Last week’s crap app recipient, Faysal Shafaat, had to down large quantities of vegan meat from Hamazon, so this app may not be as bad. For “Yell,” a reviewer will come into the house and critique Swindler’s gameplay. That could bring on more tears as she hears the harsh reality about her floater status and lame Level 6 alliance.

Featured image credit: Sonja FlemmingCBS

When she learned of her lowly status, a stunned Swindler got teary-eyed in the BB App room. The Vegas showgirl also admitted that her biggest fear coming into the Big Brother game was what people would think of her. Describing herself as a “good” person, Swindler later broke down in the Big Brother Diary room and admitted, “I care about what people think of me, probably more than I should.”

Unfortunately, Swindler may have lost favor with Big Brother fans due to some of her insensitive conversations last week. Swindler and fellow houseguest Angela Rummans were caught on CBS’ live feeds making offensive comments about their “dark” skin, according to TMZ. The duo complained that the sun was making them too dark, and they described the look as “ghetto.” Swindler lamented that her stomach is as dark as African-American Big Brother houseguest Bayleigh Dayton, joking that if she is out in the sun for more than two days, she will “change ethnicities.”

CBS later issued warnings to several unnamed Big Brother contestants for two incidents that occurred on the live feeds and promised “future consequences” if the bad behaviors continued.

Big Brother Season 20 airs Sunday, Wednesday, and Thursday on CBS.