After Couple Calls 911 To Report Theft From Their 18-Wheeler, Cops Search And Find $2 Million Of Meth Inside

Chambers County Sheriff's Department

A married couple called Texas police to report a theft from their 18-wheeler, but police found something much bigger — $2 million worth of meth hidden in the truck’s compartments.

On Friday, police responded to report of a tractor-trailer that was missing its tires, Click2Houston reported. As the responding officers were surveying the crime scene, they noticed that the trailer had what appeared to be hidden compartments. Inside those compartments, they found 43 pounds of meth with a street value of $2 million.

The couple, 48-year-old Dan Roba and his wife, 45-year-old Bianca Roba, were placed under arrest. The Illinois couple was charged with possession of a controlled substance and booked into jail. It was not reported whether the couple had a lawyer or whether they had been given bail.

The Chambers County Sheriff’s Department posted about the massive drug bust on Facebook, sharing the mugshot of the couple and posing with the seized meth, which was wrapped in plastic bricks. The bust also garnered nationwide attention, with a number of national outlets picking up on the strange story and commenters noting what a bad decision the couple made in bringing police to the trailer filled with so much meth.

This is not the first meth bust story to attract viral attention this week. Earlier, a 24-year-old woman named Telby Fields was arrested for allegedly trying to sell meth to another man. While the drug arrest itself may not be out of the ordinary, the location of the alleged meth sale certainly was — police say she pulled off the drug deal inside of a courtroom while she was waiting for a judge.

The Lexington Herald-Leader reported that a security guard overheard Fields as she was completing the drug deal, and alerted a detective who was inside the courtroom. The detective followed Fields out of the court and pursued as she ran into the parking lot and tried to hide in the backseat of a car. Fields was arrested along with two other people inside the car.

And strange as it may seem, Fields was not the first person to try selling drugs inside a courtroom. In 2016, A Pennsylvania man tried to sell prescription painkiller pills while waiting for a judge on a charge of driving with a suspended license. As the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette reported, deputies seized the man and the pills, leveling more charges against him.

The couple charged with storing $2 million worth of meth inside their tractor-trailer — and then calling the police to investigate it — could face years in prison if convicted.