J.J. Abrams On ‘Star Wars’ Director Gig: ‘Surreal And Exciting’

Beverly Hills, CA – J.J. Abrams is already getting excited about directing Star Wars: Episode VIIafter it was confirmed that the sci-fi fan-favorite cinched the role after months of speculation.

When asked about his reaction to being named director of the now-Disney controlled series, Abrams said that the gig is “as surreal as it is exciting.”

MSN reports that Abrams spoke with several media outlets on the red carpet prior to the Producers Guild Awards on Saturday night. Abrams was present to accept the Normal Lear Achievement Award for his works on the television shows Felicity, Alias, LOST, Fringe, as well as his current shows Person of Interest and Revolution.

Last week, Lucasfilm officially announced Abrams’ involvement with Star Wars: Episode VII, which currently has a tentative release date of 2015, according to EW. George Lucas personally endorsed Abrams with a statement that read: “I’ve consistently been impressed with J.J. as a filmmaker and storyteller. He’s an ideal choice to direct the new Star Wars film and the legacy couldn’t be in better hands.”

Abrams already has a reputation for adding new ideas and a fresh spin to classic franchises like Mission Impossible and Star Trek, so what does he have planned for Star Wars: Episode VII? Too soon to tell, says the director.

“You know, obviously, it’s so early,” he replied. “I can just say what I want to do: I want to do the fans proud. I want to make sure the story is something that touches people. And we’re just getting started. I’m very excited.”

Do you think that J.J. Abrams was the right choice for Star Wars: Episode VII?