Bill Maher Offers $1 Million To Mitt Romney To Take Over America From Donald Trump

Bill Maher has offered Mitt Romney to "take over America" from Donald Trump, Deadline is reporting.

In a weekend HBO special, the former Politically Incorrect host let loose with plenty of ire for both Democrats and Republicans, but he saved most of his vitriol for Trump. Specifically, he mentions how, back in 2012, he (Maher) was so afraid of a Mitt Romney presidency that he gave $1 million to Barack Obama. But now, after a year and half of Trump, Maher longs for the (theoretical) days of a Romney presidency.

"I would gladly give Romney $1 million tomorrow if he would take over America. Swear to god!"
The outspoken atheist even promised to take up Romney's religion, if it would help.
"I will become a Mormon, how about that?"
To be fair, a couple of points need to be made at this point in the narrative. First, to Mitt Romney, $1 million is likely little more than a rounding error in his bank account. Second, the Constitution makes it all but impossible for someone to "take over" the job of the presidency. The last time something like that was even attempted was 1861, and we all know how that turned out.

you can't just take over the country

Maher also rejects the notion, put forth by most high-ranking Democrats, that talk of impeaching Donald Trump should wait until either the Mueller probe has run its course, or the 2018 mid-terms have been completed, or both. He also rejects the idea that Mike Pence would be worse - although to be fair, he's no fan of Pence either, having called him, along with Jeff Sessions, "Super Christians" for coming to Donald Trump's defense when the tape of him bragging about grabbing women "by the p***y" was leaked.

"[These are] people who start every debate with 'Well, I'm a Christian.' Why even have this argument? I win automatically because I believe in an intellectually embarrassing Bronze Age myth."
Maher had plenty to say about Democrats as well in his special, "Bill Maher: Live From Oklahoma." For instance, he accuses Democrats of "fetishizing" Islam. He notes, for example, that many Muslims expect women to wear a body-covering burqa - what he describes as a "tarp."
"I'm not anti-Muslim; I'm anti misogyny; I thought feminism was a thing with liberals."
In other news, Maher took jabs at the president's manhood, suggesting he has a "micro-d**k", claims he holds "emergency flattery meetings", and called Trump a "psychopath."